Daily Archives: March 17, 2012

Jeff McMahon: Scientists Call For Stronger Global Governance To Address Climate Change

Stronger global governance is needed to mitigate human impact on the earth’s climate and to ensure sustainable development, according to 32 scientists who published a paper in Friday’s issue of the journal Science. Continue reading

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Ileana Johnson Paugh: Tennessee Lawmakers and UN Agenda 21

UN Agenda 21: Organizational tentacles and “programmes” have been imbedding into U.S. sovereignty, sucking the lifeblood of this economy in the name of “caring” environmentalism Continue reading

Irrigation – The Big Carbon Elephant In The Global Warming Room

This piece discusses 30 million tons as though it were a lot of atmospheric CO2, although the IPCC discusses an annual natural cycle somewhere north of 210 billion tons Continue reading

Demand for some rare-earth elements could rapidly outstrip supply

MANY plans for reducing the world’s emissions of carbon dioxide—at least, those plans formulated by environmentalists who are not of the hair-shirt, back-to-the-caves persuasion—involve peppering the landscape with wind turbines and replacing petrol-guzzling vehicles with electric ones charged up using energy gathered from renewable resources. Continue reading

Olga Bonfiglio: Sociological explanations for climate change denial

For your amusement: Continue reading

Sound Science Should Apply Even in Military

An ethos of smart science is the often-repeated phrase that “correlation does not imply causation.” Just because two things happen simultaneously, or consecutively once or twice, does not mean one thing caused the other. Carrying an umbrella doesn’t cause rain. Continue reading

EPA not yet ‘drawing conclusions’ about full Dimock picture

Eleven well tests down, fifty to go for the EPA and anti-frackers. Continue reading

Steyn: President’s Energy Schtick Has Clueless in the Aisles

Mark Steyn skewers Obama’s most recent energy speech. Continue reading

Vincent Gray: 90 year old climate change expert calls global warming scare ‘absurdity’

As I approach my 90th birthday next week I thought I would provide a more personal newsletter which summarized the state of play on Global Warming/Climate Change or whatever is the current euphemism to cover up the failure of the theory that the climate is exclusively controlled by human emissions of “greenhouse gases” Continue reading

SMH resident greenie (one of majority) accuses skeptics of warmists’ tactics

Lies, damned lies and statistics. Many’s the poor statistic that has been tortured into yielding a false confession at the hands of a merciless interrogator. Continue reading

”We must learn lessons from CCS failure”

The government must learn key lessons from the failed attempts to design, construct and operate the UK’s first commercial-scale carbon capture and storage (CCS) project, according to a report by the National Audit Office (NAO).

Yes they must: “DON’T DO IT, STUPID!” Continue reading

Lawrence Krauss: Countdown to the Man-Made Apocalypse

Shortly after the end of World War II, Albert Einstein, referring to the new global danger of nuclear weapons, uttered his now famous warning: “Everything has changed, save the way we think.” Accordingly, he and Robert Oppenheimer established the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists to help warn the public about the dangers of nuclear war. Continue reading

The problem with putting a price on carbon

Several mechanisms have been proposed to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases. The approaches fall into two broad categories: price-based mechanisms and command-and-control regulations. Continue reading

UK: Environmental regulations set to be slashed

Scores of environmental regulations are to be slashed under government plans to be announced on Monday, the Guardian has learned. Continue reading

President Continues Frantic Response to High Gasoline Prices

After speeches the last three weeks (reported here,here, and here) on why he isn’t to blame for high gasoline prices, I thought President Barack Obama would be moving on to other issues.  But in a sign of how desperate the White House is becoming about the threat gas prices pose to the President’s re-election, the President on Thursday, 15th March, gave yet another speech on the topic. Continue reading

New Study Questions Incentives To Create Green Jobs

A new report questions the value of tax incentives and regulations approved by many states around the country, including Nevada, to create “green jobs,” noting that subsidies used for such programs can take away revenue for other needs such as public education. Continue reading

Bjorn Lomborg: Gone With The Wind

Efforts to stem global warming have nurtured a strong urge worldwide to deploy renewable energy. As a result, the use of wind turbines has increased ten-fold over the past decade, with wind power often touted as the most cost-effective green opportunity. Continue reading

Dark Ages Cold Period in North America

One climatic cycle that has been found to occur throughout the globe during both glacial and interglacial periods alike is a millennial-scale oscillation that regularly alternates between warmer and colder intervals Continue reading

Roger Pielke Sr.: News Article “Global Climate Models ‘Need Regional Sensitivity’”

There is an informative news article that illustrates why multi-decadal regional predictions of changes in climate statistics are of no value, The news article is on SciDev.net by Christine Ottery is titled Continue reading

Andrew Bolt: Is that all it takes to threaten 3000 jobs?

With any other government, I’d find this hard to believe: Continue reading