Poland’s antagonism to Europe’s climate policy runs deep

At last Friday’s EU environment ministerial in Brussels, Poland again – for the second time – blocked a ministerial resolution endorsing the European Commission’s low-carbon 2050 roadmap.

Last June, it said it didn’t like the reference to a 25% emissions cut in 2020 – the EU is currently committed to just 20%.

This time, it turned out the problem runs deeper: Poland doesn’t like the whole trajectory from now to 2050.

European Energy Review

5 responses to “Poland’s antagonism to Europe’s climate policy runs deep

  1. Thank heavens for Poland, and hopefully some of the other eastern European countries will join her. For those of us in the UK and western Europe we need saving from the idiocies of our politicians…


  2. ProgContra, do you really think that Poland alone is able to change anything?

    • Well… they’ve been devastatingly effective so far ;)

      • In the EU the unanimity of Member States is only required in political decisions. If the European Commission presents the legislative proposal with respect to the CO2 permits set-aside, Poland will have to arrange for the blocking majority which, in turn, may appear extremaly difficult (presumably impossible given the actual proportion of votes 27:1). So, without help and support the result of this heroic battle is known in advance…

        • In the great land down-under we await with interest to see whether the EU survives this nonsense (even money at the moment, if you want a piece of the action ;))

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