Daylight savings must’ve upset someone’s calendar – surely this is meant for April 1

NYU, Oxford will produce shorter humans to fight AGW – Climate activists start to realize that carbon trading won’t work.

For example, Airbus and six European airlines have informed Ms Connie Hedegaard, the European Climate Holy War Czar, about a very surprising finding: the carbon trade war against foreign airlines will lead to lost contracts and jobs. What a surprise.

Mr He Pingping, the world’s shortest man (then), died in 2010 at age of 21.

Prof S. Matthew Liao of New York University teamed up with colleagues at Oxford University, Anders Sandberg and Rebecca Roache, and they designed a superior solution to the climate change problem:

Human engineering and climate change (intro HTML)

Paper with the same title (PDF, HTML)

Interview with Mr Liao (The Atlantic)

The basic observation is that geoengineering is too dangerous and blasphemous because “geo” in this word actually means “Gaia” who is holy. So in the article – to be published in Ethics, Policy, and the Environment as a “target article” – these authors suggest a much more ethical and safer solution, namely to mess up with the humans and their DNA. They will produce humans who are better to fight climate change. What is their recipe?

The Reference Frame

4 responses to “Daylight savings must’ve upset someone’s calendar – surely this is meant for April 1

  1. Not sure how you managed to miss Svetlana Pankratova? Daylight savings must have upset the blog host too!!

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