Daily Archives: March 11, 2012

A GONGO idea – a government funded job destruction program…

For pure, circular destruction of wealth, happiness and prosperity, it doesn’t get much better than this. Continue reading

Roy Spencer: Gleick’s Watergate Too

I don’t usually blog about posts on other blogs, but I’m making an exception for Steve McIntyre’s excellent analysis showing how similar Peter Gleick’s actions were to the Watergate burglary, primarily because both were covert attempts to obtain financial donor lists from the ‘enemy’.

Given Gleick’s expertise in water science, I think we should re-brand the event “Watergate Too”. (Roy Spencer)

Run! You’ve only 50,000 years to get to land above an altitude of 20 feet!

Yes, that’s the estimated sea level rise from a complete meltdown of the Greenland ice sheet and should warming [ever] reach 2 °C above pre-industrial estimates – and stay that way for 50,000 years – that could happen! Continue reading

Global warming threat to coral reefs: Can some species adapt?

Coral reefs are among the ecosystems most severely threatened by global warming, but hopeful new evidence has emerged that some coral species may be able to adapt to warmer oceans. Continue reading

‘Climate outpost of Cape Grim a breath of fresh air in carbon debate’

They refer of course to the well-mixed air that has spent a week circling the Southern Ocean, largely free of human influence. They can tell you, for instance, that last weeks CO2 reading was 387.19 parts per million. Continue reading

Oil, gas industry created 9 percent of new U.S. jobs in 2011:WEF

A booming U.S. oil and gas sector was responsible for generating some 9 percent of all new jobs last year, with three indirect jobs for every one directly involved in the industry, a study released on Wednesday found. Continue reading

Aus: Tap Asia for farm funding, says Craig Emerson

TRADE Minister Craig Emerson has outlined plans to harness capital from emerging economic giants such as China and India to spark a revolution in Australian food production. Continue reading