2 thoughts on “State Dept moves to spread fracking fears internationally”

  1. The anti-fracking movie is only one of the gross offenders. But what else would you expect from a university in Southern California?

  2. They ALSO will probably NOT include the new, Pro-fracking video, although NONE of those videos talk-about the BEST way to frack. The BEST way to frack, is to use LPG injection, because THEN, there’s no non-specified chemical mix,–no water used, so no possible water contaminated. The Globalists OWN the Dept. of State, and have since shortly after the turn of the last Century (1900s). Globalists seek power. The power to TAX is a VAST POWER. IF the Govt. can make you feel GUILTY, you will cough-up MORE out of your meager funds to willingly give to the Govt. So you HAVE TO BE BLAMED for “destroying the Earth/other” in the Govt. “admonishment-of-the-week”, so you can RATIONALIZE increased taxes. The State Dept. is taking a page out of the FED “playbook” and saying that we agree with:–the Law of the Sea Treaty (–we DON’T!), the ICC(–International Criminal Court…–we DON’T!), a new iteration of Cap & Tax (–we DON’T!), the Small Arms Convention(–Anti-gun,–we DON’T agree!), and other ANTI-Constitutional measures that will dramatically INTERFERE with life in the USA as we used to know it. WHY would the Globalists “make life harder”? It’s NOT “harder” to them. Most of the Globalists have money. So laws that drive us crazy, are simply a phone-call to their retained-attorney, who says, “Yessir”, and goes out and SUES…the offender/offending law. If each of us had a “team of attorneys, we wouldn’t much mind what laws/REGULATIONS are passed, either. We have a Globalist-Marxist State Dept. Head, Hellery Clanton, and a Globalist-Maoist President, Nobama, imo. We have a Globalist-Marxist capitalist(–Marxist USING capitalism to destroy us, imo) who “plays puppets” with the two former ones I mentioned. If the present Regime can’t collapse the Economy, imo, the Globalists will NOT get Global Governance. If the Globalists can’t get a Soviet-style, World Governance, they will have to KEEP TRYING, until they GAIN those powers. Because Globalists “run” BOTH sides of the aisle, they don’t want a Republican to WIN the Presidency/Congress, because they can’t advance as quickly under a Bush, as they have, under a Nobama/Clintan. Hope this helps. Outside of the ‘Net & talk-radio, the Globalists OWN the Media, most of which acts like an “arm” of the Demon-cratic Party. Nobama WON. last, because he got MORE youth, & independents last time, and they cling to talk-radio/the internet. To REACH the Conservatives, and the youth & Independents, candidates MUST go-onto Talk-radio, ignoring their leftist advisors (who I think, are getting paid twice–once to “help(–NOT)” the Republicans, BY the Republicans, and again, paid by the Demon-crats for “helping”(defeating) the Republicans). Leftist “consultants” DESTROYED McCain’s campaign, in 08, he admitted as much. Imo, he didn’t “care” that much, because McCain has been a Globalist, ever since his Vietnam return, imo.

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