1. Sorry, Inhofe doesn’t make a great showing. Slamming Al Gore and quoting a newspaper, saying weather isn’t climate, and then talking about the weather during Al Gore’s public appearances, doesn’t work well. When he slams the IPCC he blames it on a United Nations’ ploy, rather on the corruption evident in IPCC’s own documents. I have hopes for his book, but those hopes have dimmed. BTW the link to the audio is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IQIkeyr9q6s

  2. Sorry I missed this, a debate with Colmes on this hoax must be a real hoot. I’m sure he is a true believer, especially for a subject for which he has no scientific base of knowledge. Remember, if scientific consensus were reliable, the earth would still be flat and the center of the universe.


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