PolitiFact: Gingrich’s gun rack quip about Volt shot full of holes

Depends on what your definition of “gun rack” is.

PolitiFact reports:

Republican presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich recently went gunnin’ for greenies.

Gingrich’s target is the Chevy Volt, an electric car that also can run on gas. During a recent Republican presidential campaign swing through Georgia, he revved up crowds by calling it the car that rich, liberal environmentalists think you ought to drive…

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What PolitiFact thinks a “gun rack” is:

What Gingrich probably meant:

4 thoughts on “PolitiFact: Gingrich’s gun rack quip about Volt shot full of holes”

  1. The volt would not be appealing to those who need to have a gun rack in their vehicle. That is true, and the PolitiFact analysis is SOOO Stupid. But Gingrich implies that almost everybody needs a gun rack in his car. To go to the train station? To take kids to soccer practice? To attend a concert?

    GM and the other auto companies make GMC, RAM and F150. They are superb and easily hold gun racks.

  2. I prefer to believe that Newt’s comment was offered in jest. The analysis by Politifact is indeed a “joke”. They have had a few reasonable results recently, and this is not the most egregious.

    I wonder what analysis they set aside for this bit of “journalism”?


  3. A guy on Youtube did it with rope and kid-sized rifles

    I think that Newt was defensible. You can’t install any off-the-shelf gun rack that can hold a full sized rifle. I could probably whip something up with PVC, but that’s not the point. A bigger problem is that a micro-car like that can’t get anywhere where you want to use those shineys in the gun rack.

  4. What’s that first thing, a NASA gun rack? With pockets to store your freeze-dries astronaut ice cream?

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