Oops: West Virginia City Council to reconsider support of EPA endangerment finding

Were they fooled by wily enviros? Or are Morgantown (WV) Mayor Jim Manilla and City Council are too stupid to be in office?

Metro News reports:

Morgantown Mayor Jim Manilla has scheduled an emergency meeting of City Council to reconsider a resolution passed Tuesday that supports U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Lisa Jackson’s efforts in “reducing greenhouse gas pollution under the Clean Air Act.”

During Tuesday’s regular meeting, council members did not discuss the resolution before passing it on a unanimous vote.

Manilla said he and other councilors overlooked the resolution Tuesday because they were focused on myriad other agenda items.

“We didn’t give it much consideration,” Manilla said. “There was not much discussion about it. Really, it should have been put on the Committee of the Whole (agenda) for discussion.”

The resolution passed despite recent decisions by the EPA to further regulate coal-fired power plants. Jackson is routinely criticized by state officials for the agency’s stance on greenhouse gas emissions and the permitting process for coal mines.

Council members’ approval of the resolution came at an unpropitious time. Only hours following the vote, FirstEnergy Corp. cited new EPA regulations in the closing of three coal-fired plants in West Virginia, including one in Preston County and one in Marion County.

Manilla — who himself voted in favor of the resolution Tuesday — said he regrets not taking more time on the issue. On Wednesday, he said he wanted to clarify that he did not support the EPA’s stance on coal-fired plants.

“It just hurts the coal industry and the state of West Virginia,” Manilla said. “This is something we needed to discuss more, and it just slipped by us. We’re bringing it up again, and hopefully we can correct this”…

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  1. Get a bucket of water and a heat gun and try heating the surface of the water. It will take you about 11mins at 450deg to overcome theSURFACE TENSION sufficiently to pass heat into the water. Atmospheric co2 never comes close to the temperatures needed to pass heat into the ocean. Hansen, Gore, Trenberth,and Jackson should be doing time.

    Nope –Ed.

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