‘Infographic: The idea of a climate change hoax makes no $)%*@ sense’

Now this is propaganda.

From Grist.org:

If you’re capable of critical thought, your first response when you hear about green nonprofits and climate scientists engaging in a vast worldwide conspiracy is probably not “oh no!” but “why in the world would they bother?” (Hint: It’s not for the money.) Via Brooke Jarvis on Twitter, here’s a graphical representation of why the opposite hypothesis kinda makes a lot more sense.

2 thoughts on “‘Infographic: The idea of a climate change hoax makes no $)%*@ sense’”

  1. Much of the oil companies’ profits are going to . . . .

    Wait for it . . . .

    Government. In royalties and taxes.

  2. Since we have proven that oil companies are not spending any obscene profits on bribes to skeptics, we are left with A. As Spock said in the latest Star Trek prequel, “After eliminating the impossible, you are left with the truth no matter how improbable.” (Or something like that.) Which makes more sense, that people on the left or the right at the top of the graphic are easily deluded by self-righteous ideology?

    In terms of the more probable and well-supported, oil companies are spendng a lot of protection money on bribes to environmental groups with unlimited budgets and illusory consensus who would rather crash the gobal economy than admit they’re acting on self-righteous imagination. I have to go with C, if given that choice.

    On the other hand, never play activist games.

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