Gleick ‘requests’ short-term leave of absence from Oakland’s Pacific Institute

More time to work on his impersonation skills.

The Silicon Valley Mercury News reports:

Peter Gleick, a nationally known expert on water and climate issues, on Friday asked for a short-term leave of absence from the Oakland-based Pacific Institute, where he is co-founder and president.

Gleick has been embroiled in controversy since admitting this week that he used a false name to obtain confidential documents from the libertarian Heartland Institute, a pro-industry think tank known for minimizing the risks of global warming…

“Given the events of the past week, I would like, with the permission of the Board, to take a temporary, short-term leave of absence from the Institute,” said Gleick in a letter released Friday. “I believe such a leave would allow the Institute staff to continue to refocus on its work, while permitting the Board to conduct a full and fair review and determine an appropriate course of action.”

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