Claim: ‘Woolly mammoth’ spotted in Siberia

Will a siting of a “Nessie” in Siberia impede Russian oil and gas development?

The Sun reports:

…If surviving woolly mammoths were found in Siberia, it could run against Russia’s plans to further develop and exploit the area’s considerable resources…

Read the entire report.

[h/t Climate Depot]


  1. Is there anyway to estimate the creature’s size in the supposed film. According to van Valen’s Island Rule – on islands large animals tend to shrink and small animals become larger over time. Scientists have estimated that the mammoths on Rangel Island were only 6 feet tall when they wen extinct 4-6,000 years ago.

  2. Bears have joints similar to a dog. The front knees bend the other direction. In full screen theat animal appears to have front knees that bend the same direction ours do.


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