Breaking: EPA scrubs grants database of Gleick grants

Gleick’s grants from EPA get Stalinized from the EPA Grants Database.

Here’s the timeline:

Fortunately, we saved a PDF file of one of the EPA grants to Gleick. So unless gets Stalinized…

Click for:

39 thoughts on “Breaking: EPA scrubs grants database of Gleick grants”

  1. Re. Joe Rarfankle:

    Very amusing…this is what I see today clicking on the links you provide!

    Error 404
    HTTP Web Server: Lotus Notes Exception – Document has been deleted

  2. The State of California has a lot of money to get rid of every year.

    Pacific Institute has done work for:

    California EPA
    California Energy Commission
    California Department of Water and Power

  3. Despite the criminal tendencies of their president, according to their 990, the Pacific Institute are pulling in around $2.5 million annually in grants:


    An outside audit would be well advised. Particularly as the number of staff does not seem to match the funding – I count 24 staff ( of whom 10 are ‘research associates’ and only 5 have PhDs.

  4. Here is expanded info. There are a couple of EPA personnel that may need a closer look.

    Here is the expanded info. You may want to take a closer look at Lisa Hammond.

    83347101-1 EPA HQ OECA Pacific Inst for Studies in Dev Not for Profit $100,000 05/15/2007 11/14/2010 Carl Davis Lisa Hammond Office of Environmental Justice 05/27/2010

  5. The EPA needs to be shuttered – period. American’s do not fully understand how much this agency has hurt the country. They serve as an adjunct arm of the “Green” movement and they have cost us trillions of dollars in lost progress, jobs, business opportunities, impact to the economy and wasted time/effort in fighting their socialist enviromentalism…

  6. Chicago style government exists to reward it’s friends (who in turn show generosity towards the Democrat party pols) and to punish its enemies.

    Truth, justice, honesty or honor has no place in it.

  7. yesterday you said:
    ■$223,675 to “make use of a broad-based multistakeholder group (i.e. the West Oakland Toxic Reduction Collaborative) to assess conditions, develop solutions and support and leverage their implementation as related to environmental and public health burdens from air and other toxics.

    This press release exists:

  8. Not such a big deal compared to providing money laundering and gun running services to Mexican drug cartels.

  9. Agreed, I was just adding references, to show that there was indeed a grant to the Pacific Institute. If the EPA have intentionally removed items from this database i would say this is a serious offense. I used the contact form on the EPA site to report broken links, maybe, just maybe the increased traffic to the database corrupted it. I don’t really believe that having developed multiple database engines, but maybe something in the flow between web-site and database could have got screwed up. The alternative of an “1984” policy at the EPA is very serious.

  10. Did Gleick have additional ‘grants’ associated with his activism, e.g.:
    Award Amount: $35,000
    Award Dates: May 1, 2004 – October 31, 2005 (18 months)
    Title: Investigation of Potential Climate Changes Influence on Water Resources of Azerbaijan
    Azerbaijani Principal Investigator: Mansimov, Mirzakhan Rzakhan, Institute of Radiation Problems, ANAS
    US Principal Investigator: Gleick, Peter H., Pacific Institute for Studies in Development, Environment and Security

    (no wonder he was so interested in keeping the gravy train going)

    I wonder how much time he put into each of these grants versus the money he extracted from them?

  11. Yeah, but it’s not in the EPA Grants Data Base, which could mean that whoever deleted the grants from the data base overlooked other mentions.

  12. Ripples on the septic pond as the Gleick pebble widens to include the full range of co-conspirators.

    Humanity is getting a lasting lesson in why NOT to trust authority….including the choir of crickets in Congress.

  13. Deleting the grants from the website is questionable public relations, but deleting valid informtion from the database of Fedral grants is criminal fraud. I’m sorry I don’t have the citations from the CFR, but I believe any Federal Contracting Officer, including those at EPA, knows them by heart.

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