Bias in DDT reporting?

Does Al Gore like hotel room “massages”

In the context of yesterday’s Lancet report that the WHO has grossly underreported the global malaria toll, Washington Post reporter Dave Brown writes,

… Malaria was eliminated from the United States in 1951 and from Europe in 2009. More than 90 percent of deaths from the infection now occur in sub-Saharan Africa, where children are at highest risk…

As we have pointed out many times (example), every time a journalist writes about bald eagles, DDT will always be blamed (erroneously) for the near-demise of the bird.

But now in the context of wiping out malaria, Brown as Stalinized DDT out of the facts.

Malaria was eliminated from the U.S., Canada and Western Europe by the widespread application of DDT — malaria did not mysteriously or magically disappear as Brown would have WashPost readers believe.

7 thoughts on “Bias in DDT reporting?”

  1. “Does Al Gore like hotel room “massages””
    I am so sorry, but I can’t keep looking at this and not ask: Does Hansen do in the Antarctic what the Pope does in the woods?

  2. “does anyone think that the environmentalists would be able to prevent us from using DDT?” Probably yes!

  3. If the US once again had malaria or Yellow Fever and children starting dying does anyone think that the environmentalists would be able to prevent us from using DDT?

  4. Western cultural mythology, propped up by innumerable National Geographic television broadcasts, holds that Africans live in a harmony with Nature which should not be disturbed. Therefore, no modern stuff for them, like DDT. As one activist put it, ‘If they get electricity, the next thing they’ll want is televisions. That means they’ll be watching TV instead of native dances, and their culture will be destroyed.’ Therefore, no electricity for them, either.

  5. The narrative: because of the inherently unfair whiteness of North America and Europe and our oppression of the poor blacks in sub-Saharan Africa. Strangely, it’s the ban of DDT by which North Amercia and Europe oppresses. That’s why it is the chemcial that cannot be named.

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