Monbiot: Gleick should not have apologized

Now this is denial.

George Monbiot writes in the Guardian:

I see Peter Gleick, the man who obtained and leaked the devastating documents from the Heartland Institute, as a democratic hero. I do not think he should have apologised, nor do I believe that his job should be threatened. He has done something of benefit to society…

Read the screed.

3 responses to “Monbiot: Gleick should not have apologized

  1. Beware of invitations from the Heartland Institute.

  2. How could someone who is “obsessed with transparency” find a person who has impersonated someone else to be a hero?

  3. Only in the confused and unfocused minds of environmental lefty’s could anyone think that Gleick is a hero. And besides, hero’s don’t apologize. Someone guilty of a misdeed apologizes.

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