Global warming killed the Mayans?

Did the beginning of the Medieval Optimm do in the Mayans?

From the State Column:

A newly released study finds that the Mayans may have experience difficulties in the years leading up to its decline and eventually its collapse…

A number of past studies have cited warfare and environmental destruction as key factors contributing to the decline of the ancient civilization. The study is the first to attempt to accurately determine the exact amount of rainfall in the region during 800 and 950 AD, a period in which the Mayan society began to decline…

Read the entire report.

5 responses to “Global warming killed the Mayans?

  1. Or maybe the rulers squeezed too hard and the masses went their separate ways. Like civilizations haven’t fallen apart before. We might be projecting a little too much Noble Savage Society here. I mean, sure they had all the trappings of a permanent society – sports and human sacrifice, but so did the Romans.

    Wait a minute, maybe the warmists need an official sport besides their board game of ethics.

  2. Is there anything NOT explainable by Global Warming?

  3. But, this is not possible. We all know that the Medieval Climate Optimum was a North Atlantic phenomenon. How could that have affected the Western Gulf of Mexico?

  4. Never mind, they’ll have their revenge, later this year :-)

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