Gleick cancels keynote speech to lawyers

Maybe he could have gotten pro bono legal counsel during the Q&A?

Greenwire reports:

Scientist Peter Gleick canceled his planned appearance today at a water law conference here, days after he confessed to posing as someone else to obtain funding and strategy documents from a group that questions research showing the impact of man-made emissions on climate change.

Gleick called Sunday night and suggested that he not attend or deliver a planned keynote speech at the American Bar Association Water Law Conference, event Vice Chairman Alf Brandt said.

“He offered to withdraw based on what happened over the weekend,” said Brandt, who had invited Gleick to speak at the event. “After much consideration we decided to accept his offer”…

2 responses to “Gleick cancels keynote speech to lawyers

  1. Hahaaaahhhaaaaaaaaa!

  2. I’m at that conference. The conference said Gleick was unable to be there, but didn’t say why. My blog post on the conference discusses this:

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