Dan Walters: Going green will cost California more green

The state of California has made a full-blown commitment to reducing reliance on fossil-fuel energy and other limited resources.

Utilities are required to use solar, wind and geothermal sources for a third of their electricity supply by 2020, while owners of homes and businesses are being urged to install solar panels.

The state is mandating that automakers dramatically ramp up sales of battery-powered and other low-emission cars. It is imposing new cap-and-trade emission controls on business with hefty fees.

Essentially, the state is trying to force California into an entirely new economic structure, claiming, in Gov. Jerry Brown’s words, that “California is positioned perfectly to reap the economic benefits that will inevitably flow.”

But what of the costs?

Sacramento Bee

3 responses to “Dan Walters: Going green will cost California more green

  1. My niece just moved from Alabama to San Diego and says it costs about 40% more to live in California than to live in Alabama. I don’t think she’s seen the worse yet.

  2. Ecosuicide.

  3. California is about to crash like Greece. Hollywood stars and Pelosi will have to sell the Botox in the faces to survive. Heck, even the Crystal Meth industry will go down as it won’t be able to afford the power to create Pelosi’s drug of choice.

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