WashTimes: Sugar police on the prowl

“Assault on sweeteners threatens freedom to choose.”

The Washington Times editorializes:

Mary Poppins, call your office. That spoonful of sugar might make the medicine go down, but it also makes the weight go up and should be kept away from kids – or so say sugar nannies sprinkled across the country. While some simply frown upon consumption of the sweet stuff, the more ambitious want it outlawed entirely. Americans ought to tell these busybodies to keep their sticky fingers off our fridges before the land of the free dissolves into the land of the sugar-free…

Read the entire editorial.

2 responses to “WashTimes: Sugar police on the prowl

  1. The anti-sugar nannies are free to keep it out of their houses if they want. I do challenge them to keep all forms of sugar from their diets and survive.

  2. So now the Govt. wants to regulate sugar…
    Sure you can trust the Govt.
    Just ask an indian..

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