Airlines seek swift end to row over EU CO2 scheme

Easy! Tell the EU not to be so damned stupid and pay nothing – end of “problem”

British Airways, Qantas and other airlines are calling on governments to find a swift resolution to a political dispute over the European Union’s carbon scheme, because the deadlock may create competitive distortions.

Since the start of 2012, EU law obliges all airlines using EU airports to be included in the EU Emissions Trading System (ETS), the 27-nation bloc’s main policy to fight global warming as it caps emissions on over 11,000 power and industrial plants.

But the scheme, which now puts the cost of carbon on an airline’s balance sheet potentially pumping up fares, has drawn ire from major foreign emitters such China and the United States.

China this week banned its airlines from taking part in the scheme and threatened retaliatory action against the EU if it continues to calculate the carbon cost over the whole flight, not just within Europe.

A group of 26 countries including Russia, India, China and the United States plan to meet in Moscow on February 21 to discuss a plan of action.

But airlines and trade groups warned the row will create a competitive imbalance, with some airlines paying millions of dollars for their annual carbon costs and others not.


One response to “Airlines seek swift end to row over EU CO2 scheme

  1. CO2 warming views, from advocates and skeptics, are out in vast numbers. Advocates are just repeating past claims; the skeptics are increasing in large numbers; proving the advocates wrong in every scientific claim – the well-read scientists are winning.

    At last count, 22 non-fiction books support the position that the CO2 theory is wrong. Most important, the reason for the very modest warming the Earth has seen since the cold Little Ice Age (1300 to 1850) has been well documented – see Unstoppable Global Warming by Singer and Avery. The famous physics lab CERN, in 2011, has confirmed previous studies discussed in this book; the cause is the sun, amplified by cosmic rays (particles, mostly protons from previous supernova explosions – star dust). The modest warming and cooling cycles have been seen in temperature proxy records, from around the world, for many thousands of years, and in ice cores for the last one million years.

    Moreover, the “sun/cosmic ray” cause matches our solar system sojourn around the Milky Way galaxy. The times the Earth passes through the spiral arms of the galaxy (heavily laden with cosmic particles) correlates extremely well with the major glaciations in Earth’s history over several billion years (read heaven and earth global warming: the missing science by Ian Plimer, a famous geologist from Australia).

    CO2 has never, and is not now causing any warming of significance. 98% of mankind’s CO2 emissions occur in the lowest levels of the atmosphere where laboratory results show additional CO2 saturates. The resultant temperature of a parcel of air from latent heat release, convection, etc. determines its blackbody radiation – a spectrum of many wavelengths. Both CO2 and water vapor have large wavelength ranges (open windows) that emit heat to space – acting as natural brakes on runaway warming of the atmosphere.

    Further, increased CO2 is good for plants, animals and humans. There is no life without the mutual exchange of CO2 and oxygen between us and the plant world. At 200 ppmv the plant world would be rendered inoperable; at the current CO2 levels of 390 ppmv we have a green revolution. Doubling or tripling the CO2 causes insignificant warming (it has been 7 times what we have today with a major ice age; and 25 times what we have today with no runaway heating) and great benefits for food production. Read the NIPCC report Climate Change Reconsidered for the positive benefits of increased CO2.

    The advocates refuse to read these books. The masses do not understand them – it is a difficult subject for a non-scientist. I have made it easy for the non-scientist by creating a fictional story about a nationally televised debate on this issue in 2012. The novel’s hero is a climate scientist that has studied both sides of the issue; he is a climate modeler who has switched sides and now is against the advocates. With 40 years of media hype, the rich business men (with carbon offset money in their pockets) and powerful politicians (having raised fossil fuel taxes in virtually every country of the world) do not want the “reverse Robin Hood” scenario to end “robbing from the poor and giving to the rich.”

    The powerful opposition has heard the hero, a charismatic speaker, in action and wants him out of the way — drama ensues. The hero’s final speech summarizes the flaws in the CO2 theory in laymen’s terms. See to read EXPOSURE.

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