MIT’s Kerry Emanuel: GOP skepticism makes him ‘ashamed to be an American’

Mother Jones puts Republican climate alarmists on video. MIT’s Kerry Emanuel especially embarrasses himself.

Meteorology professor Emanuel, who made the 2006 Time 100 list of influential people and the National Academy of Sciences in 2007, is a climate alarmist and (who knew?) a Republican.

Interviewed by Mother Jones for “GOP Climate Hawks Caught on Video“, Kerry said that the climate skepticism in the Republican party,

… to some extent makes me ashamed to be an American.

The clip of Emanuel is at about 4:56 into the video below.

3 thoughts on “MIT’s Kerry Emanuel: GOP skepticism makes him ‘ashamed to be an American’”

  1. Robert

    Your brand of humor is dangerous. When I read your comment a few minutes ago, I snorted coffee all over my clean shirt. Please, try to be more careful.


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