Mary Nichols a ‘Leader Who Gets Things Done’?

Oughtn’t Rolling Stone wait to see how California’s climate pioneering works out before handing out plaudits?

About California Air Resources Board chairman Mary Nichols, Rolling Stone says,

On New Year’s Day, Nichols inaugurated the world’s second-largest cap-and-trade framework – the first time a state has harnessed market forces to curb global warming. Nichols fought hard to preserve the climate plan, despite a legal challenge and a statewide referendum backed by Texas oil firms that sought to kill it legislatively. The new framework, which places strict limits on carbon emissions, will reduce pollution to 1990 levels by the end of the decade. Environmentalists who hope the plan will provide a national model for curbs on planet-warming pollution are encouraged by Nichols’ track record: In 2009, she moved to regulate carbon emissions for cars – prompting the Obama administration to adopt stringent fuel-economy rules nationally.

California is “curbing” global warming?

3 thoughts on “Mary Nichols a ‘Leader Who Gets Things Done’?”

  1. Mary Nichols is certainly one of the high ranking members of the parasite class in CA, and perhaps now the most powerful. She now has the power to close down any and all productive facilities in the state, facilities from which she derives, and all other parasites derive, their handsome salaries and pensions. Just whom does she expect to pay for all her perks once they all leave for business friendly states? Luddites, all of them, totally incapable of holding a productive job now battle to kill California.

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