2 thoughts on “Global Cooling Coming? Archibald uses solar and surface data to predict 4.9°C fall (!)”

  1. I wouldn’t doubt it, and many Russian scientists are in concurrance, due to coastal methane-hydrates build-up, –a pre-cursor of cooler temperatures. Methane-hydrates are frozen, and, stable ONLY while they are frozen, which is WHY they are so difficult to harvest. When Methane-hydrates MELT, they go from a frozen-solid to a GAS, methane!Methane-hydrates will periodically release a huge bubble that could sink/damage a small ship. I believe that BP was shutting-down its gulf well(the one that blew-up) due to hydrate-build-up, and somehow, it went anyway. There is NO “Preventer” built, anywhere, that would have stopped that explosion, because the explosion was due to a methane-hydrate explosion,–NOT preventer-failure. Once the preventer was blown-off, THEN you had the oil leak, some of which fed the explosion’s fire. ALGORE,”the Dancing Chicken”, –still deeply emeshed in lying, imo, in many media, was in the Antartic, filming & claiming there’s Global-warming when a weather station on Antartica, has had NO warming reported for 30 years. The Club of Rome(Globalist) was WRONG in the ’70s about Global cooling. The Eco-Nazis(Globalist) are WRONG, NOW, about “warming”,50 years later. What is similar about the opposite-predictions is that BOTH used WORLD GOVERNANCE, as the “solution.” Warm or cool, Global Governance is NEVER…”the answer”! And if it becomes the “answer”, one of the “solutions” is always dramatically fewer people, so be forewarned about Globalists…Globalists “warm” OR “cool”.

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