Aspartame is ‘soda poison for your kids’?

“Aspartame is like playing with a loaded gun,” shrieks artificial sweetener-phobe Dr. Teresa Hill.

The commentary is below.

Click here for the facts on aspartame from the Calorie Control Council.


Aspartame: soda poison for your kids

Dr. Teresa C. Hill for the Journal-Advocate
January 25, 2012, Journa-Advocate (Sterling, CO)

Did you know that aspartame was discovered way back in 1965. The chemist at the time was developing the drug for another use and after licking his finger found that aspartame was indeed sweet.

Aspartame can be recognized by different names such as Nutrasweet and Equal. Aspartame is hidden in many products such as children’s vitamins, diet soda, light yogurt, baked goods, puddings and gum.

The ingredients in aspartame include aspartic acid, phenylalanine, and methyl alcohol. Do you remember from high school science that methyl alcohol is poisonous to the body? When methyl alcohol breaks down in high temperatures it turns into formaldehyde and DKP (diketopiprazine). These are two highly toxic chemicals which adversely affect the nervous system. Aspartame, Nutra-Sweet and Equal have a shelf life of 262 days stored at a temperature of 77 degrees.

The symptoms caused by aspartame are similar to multiple sclerosis and Alzheimer’s disease. An increase in brain tumors is also linked to the use of artificial sweeteners.

I find it very interesting that the FDA gets more complaints about aspartame than anything else, yet this chemical is still on the market.

Using aspartame can result in these symptoms: headaches, depression, slurred speech, loss of memory, fibromyalgia, loss of sensation and shooting pains down the leg, loss of equilibrium, vertigo, anxiety attacks, chronic fatigue, vision loss, eye floaters, renal detachment, heart palpitations and seizures.

The most recent research indicates that Nutra-Sweet (aspartame) results in miscarriage and infertility. The fetal tissue cannot tolerate methanol or the phenylalanine. Aspartame is a well-known neurotoxin and causes birth defects. The placenta concentrates phenylalanine and this results in mental retardation.

Further research on test animals has resulted in a dramatic increase in brain and breast tumors. If your diet soda reaches a temperature above 86 degrees, the aspartame will break down and get toxic. Think of how many people leave those cases of diet pop in their garages during the summer so they never run out. After the aspartame reaches a temperature above 86 degrees the wood alcohol in aspartame converts to formaldehyde and then to formic acid. Blindness, Lupus, and Alzheimer’s can be directly linked to aspartame.

If you are addicted to this chemical I would highly recommend that you go to the Internet and research all the findings on diet foods and drinks. It will shock you that this chemical is still being marketed to the unaware American public.

Beware of all the chemicals that are added to our food supply and try to avoid as many as possible. Aspartame is like playing with a loaded gun.

May God bless America and all of our troops. Yours in good health.

8 thoughts on “Aspartame is ‘soda poison for your kids’?”

  1. Also, the Calorie Control Council is hardly a good source to point to as evidence. They are industry sponsored shills. From their “About section”

    “The Calorie Control Council, established in 1966, is an international association representing the low- and reduced-calorie food and beverage industry. Today it represents manufacturers and suppliers of low- and reduced-calorie foods and beverages, including manufacturers and suppliers of more than two dozen different alternative sweeteners, fibers and other low-calorie, dietary ingredients.

    The Council’s mission is to foster industry growth and vitality by reinforcing and expanding the Calorie Control Council’s role as a globally trusted authority on the safety and benefits of ingredients, foods, and beverages to facilitate the control of calories…..”

    Recent studies showing Artificial sweeteners having a negative effect on gut bacteria leading to glucose intolerance don’t help either.

  2. Those who would defend aspartame would be well served to look at the timeline of how it was legalized over the objections of many legit scientists and studies.

    Beyond that, recent studies show artificial sweeteners affect gut bacteria in a way that promotes glucose intolerance and won’t even help you lose weight. Hardly a better example of a useless dangerous sham product.

  3. Aspartame is an exitotoxon. It over stimulates brain cells and kills them. The U.S. military has instructed their airforce pilots to NOT drink diet sodas before flying just because of this.

  4. OMG! Please join my cause and help ban all the other methyl dipeptides as well. While we’re at it, let’s get those pesky aminoglycosides as well, just because the organic synthesization process is conjecturally close enough to warrant some activists.

  5. I find it funny how everyone misses the bigger picture. Your bodies NORMAL internal temperature is 98.6 degrees. WELL ABOVE what is stated here. It doesn’t need to sit in storage in heat for it to become dangerous to drink. You can drink it ice cold and its going to exceed that 86 degree mark INSIDE YOU. Its going to turn to Formaldehyde and wood alcohol inside you regardless of its state before it enters your body.
    “I find it very interesting that the FDA gets more complaints about aspartame than anything else, yet this chemical is still on the market.” — End quote- Interesting that people don’t get the bigger picture once again. Its allowed on the market despite all the damning evidence because they are trying to kill you.

  6. I like how 86 degrees Fahrenheit is a high temperature, so anyone eating aspartame in Florida is just spooning formaldehyde into their coffee. Sweet, sweet formaldehyde.

  7. All of this from your local chiropractor. This is a recycle of the continuing aspartame hoax. Even wikipedia labels it as such. If you had phenylketonuria, then the phenylalanine could be a problem. You see this on all the diet, healthy food sites. Somehow, diet soda, with aspartame is supposed to act just like real sugar.

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