Enviros appeal San Joaquin-Sacramento Bay Delta salmon ruling

A federal judge had earlier throttled federal scientists’ actions as being in “bad faith and their testimony as “false,” “outrageous,” “incredible,” “unworthy of belief” and more.

E&E News PM reports,

Environmental groups are asking a federal court to keep intact a U.S. government plan to protect chinook and steelhead salmon in California waters.

The appeal, filed yesterday in the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, is aimed at a decision last year by U.S. District Court Judge Oliver Wanger in Fresno.

Wanger had thrown out parts of the National Marine Fisheries Service’s analysis of the effects of San Joaquin-Sacramento Bay Delta water pumping on endangered and threatened fish, saying the agency did not have the scientific backing to declare a strong relationship between some water exports and dead salmon…

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2 responses to “Enviros appeal San Joaquin-Sacramento Bay Delta salmon ruling

  1. If these ‘scientists’ were so blatantly lying, then why can’t they be punished. Will they get away with it? Someone tell me.

  2. Old Forester has a very good point about many of these enviro religions propagating blatant lies – why cannot someone bring a case against any of them – are they allowed to spew their disingenuous crap without any fear of admonishment

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