German greens finding it difficult to control other countries’ energy mix

Germany [in]famously moved to phase out nuclear energy following the atomic disaster in Japan last spring. Now states in the country are skeptically eyeing plans in neighboring countries, including the Netherlands and Poland, to construct nuclear power plants.

Nuclear Nimbyism: Germans Oppose New Plants Next Door
They say you should keep your friends close and your enemies closer, but when it comes to nuclear power plants, German anti-nuclear activists are finding they’re too close for comfort.

Less than a year after securing the rapid phaseout of nuclear plants in Germany, citizens concerned about nuclear safety are facing the unwholesome prospect of new plants popping up just over the border in neighboring countries. But they aren’t letting it happen without a fight.

After Poland announced several possible locations for new reactors, including one less than 150 kilometers (93 miles) from the German border, German citizens flooded the Polish government with letters objecting to the plans. Environmental groups claim that a week ago Wednesday alone, the last day of the comment period, opponents of the plans submitted 50,000 objections.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government also submitted a statement, as did Anita Tack, a Left Party member and the environment minister of the state of Brandenburg, which is home to the majority of Germany’s shared border with Poland.

“It is incomprehensible to me that our Polish neighbors still want to stick to their plans after the Fukushima disaster,” Tack wrote in a letter to the Polish Economics Ministry last month. “Brandenburg has been against the use of nuclear power from the start,” Tack noted.

A spokeswoman for the ministry, Alrun Kaune-Nüsslein, told SPIEGEL ONLINE the letter had been written in order to send a political message and to raise awareness among citizens. “A change in the original plans can only be achieved through a change of opinion among Polish decision-makers.”

Poland is not the only source of German concern. On Tuesday, the governing coalition of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia — comprised of the center-left Social Democrats and the Green Party — announced its intention to object formally to the construction of a new nuclear reactor in neighboring Holland.

The proposed Borssele II plant would be located 180 kilometers from the North Rhine-Westphalia border. Environment Minister Johannes Remmel of the Greens said the plant posed “indefensible risks,” and the state government intends to urge the Netherlands to undertake an “intensive investigation of alternatives.” (Spiegel)

3 responses to “German greens finding it difficult to control other countries’ energy mix

  1. Jek Silberstein

    How disappointed I am of our German brothers, normally the most “Sensible people on Earth”, but those complaining are Greens, the latest version of the Contemptible, Commu-fascists, who wish to wrap themselves in space-blankets or a third sweater while the average normal German is Shivering & bereft or paying the Russian “Gas-Vampire$” blood to stay warm. Who BEST, but German Technology, which COULD make the world’s safest Nuclear reactors, if they only CHOSE to, but due to Green (Neo-Soviet?) pressure, Greenie-weenies CHOOSE to embarrass those GREATEST ENGINEERS IN THE WORLD(–German, of course) by saying: “Nuke-plants are un-safe!” And then, the GREENIE-MEANIE-WEENIES want to INVADE the BUSINESS…of other nations who could do reactors nearly as well as the Germans,–the Dutch and the Poles. How DARE you send the Poles 50K letters, when it is IMPOSSIBLE to have a tsunami in POLAND! And the Dutch ALWAYS take into account inundations, and would build a nuclear plant(s) with those concerns paramount. So the wee, little, fraidly-cat Green-Meanie-WEENIES…have NOTHING to worry about with the Poles or the Dutch! I’ll ASK the Greenie-WEENIES to NOT act like they’re going to INVADE Holland and Poland like they did in the time of their Grandfathers and Great-Grandfathers. Haven’t you Commu-fascist Greens learned to stop BULLYING… your neighbors?! Merkle, too, merely carrying Green-mean “water,” can also put-up and SHUT-UP,imo–what is SHE –the EU’s new “leader”? Shall I send her a “Chaplin-moustache”? I TRUST the Dutch and the Poles, and the Germans should LEARN to TRUST the Dutch & the Poles, too. If I were the Dutch or the Poles, I’d frankly WORRY about the PRICE for joining the EU, and giving-away the last shred of Sovereignty! –Can the Germans be “TRUSTED” to NOT RUN-
    OVER…the rest of the EU with “Green-Panzers” and “letter-Stukas”? Should the Poles and the Dutch re-learn the “Horst-Wessel Lied”, and practice torch-light parades, and maybe bring-back Goose-steping(–“Oh, only for aerobics, to be Sure)? After Greenie-weenie RANTINGS, are Hooked-crosses and Deportations next? WELL?! I almost wonder…

  2. William Nuesslein

    My understanding is that there were no deaths at Three Mile Island, few deaths at Chernobyl, and no deaths at Fucushima. There are at least 6 deaths from the cruse ship mishap.

    Ms. Merkel seems to miss the fact that nearly 20,000 human beings were washed away by the tsunami. Her fixation on the power plants disgusts me.

  3. What are the Germans worried about? Radiation or a tsunami?

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