Daily Archives: December 6, 2011

Climate Change Policies Put Fuel Poor In Jeopardy

New study of the likely impact of climate change policies on the affordability of energy launched Continue reading

Oil’s Growing Thirst for Water

It takes about the same amount of water to grow $200,000 worth of corn on the arid land as it does to frack enough wells to generate $2.5 billion worth of oil. Continue reading

Tentacles of Obama’s Green Cronyism Reach beyond the Department of Energy

The US Navy reports that this roughly half a billion dollar investment is the “single largest purchase of biofuel in government history” Continue reading

‘Green’ energy border blockade

Can’t blame countries for taking self-defensive measures against destabilizing power sources Continue reading

Even SciAm admits bio-jet fuel of extremely dubious merit

Alternatives for aviation industry and the military pose issues related to land use, clearing peatland, fertilizer use, costs and more emissions Continue reading

Arnie trying to terminate reliable power supply

Out of Hollywood came Reagan… and Schwarzenegger. Can we give Schwarzenegger back? Continue reading

Space solar scammers looking for a place at the government feeding trough?

Who is placing the seed articles with media outlets? Continue reading