Climategate 2.0: Stretching to the truly bizarre

Who at CRU subscribes to newsletters from the “Spiritual Leader of the Global Community”, a.k.a. “President, Earth Government”?

Distribution lists are missing but it could be CRU’s Jonathan R Turley. The reason for these items being on UEA’s email servers is unclear, it could simply be that they are trying to work out a group that has called for papers – or not. The global governance theme seems to fit uncomfortably closely with the apparent aims of the UN and CAGW crowd while the Gaia-worship and neo-Malthusian theme could comfortably reside in releases from WWF, Greenpeace or any of the misanthropic would-be “partners” of CRU and the IPCC:

  • subject: Federation of Global Governments essential services (0703.txt)
  • subject: The Global Community Peace Movement has declared a planetary state (of emergency) (2233.txt)
  • subject: The global crisis that triggered the planetary state of emergency (3550.txt)
  • subject: Planetary biodiversity zone under the protection of the GPA (4659.txt)

Sounds typically “aspirational”, right? Just what do they have in mind? Let’s look a little more closely at that last one:

Planetary biodiversity zone ( Part III )
Investigative Report
Germain Dufour
Spiritual Leader of the Global Community
Earth Government

Global Law [3]
The Global Community has established a planetary biodiversity zone now under the protection of the Global Protection Agency (GPA). We have declared a moratorium on all development in the zone, including all drilling, military testing, and any other destructive uses of the ecosystems.

The planetary biodiversity zone includes : [4]

* North Pole region [5]
* South Pole region
* all oceans
* all forests
* all lakes
* all rivers and connecting streams
* all wetlands and grasslands
* living organisms and ecosystems in all of the above

The people of all nations are required to respect the moratorium until global law has been completed to include regulations to be enforced by the GPA.

And let’s not forget:

Reduce human population size

A primary cause of ecosystem destruction and species extinctions is the human overpopulation that already far exceeds ecologically sustainable levels. Total world population, now at 6.7 billion, is inexorably climbing by 75 million a year. Every additional human is an environmental user on a planet whose capacity to provide for all its creatures is size-limited. In all lands the pressure of numbers continues to undermine the integrity and generative functioning of terrestrial, fresh water, and marine ecosystems.

Our human monoculture is overwhelming and destroying Natures polycultures. Country by country, world population size must be reduced by reducing conceptions.

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4 responses to “Climategate 2.0: Stretching to the truly bizarre

  1. Yes, we in Colorado have lands ruled under the Global Protection Agency. Just look up biodiversity zones in Colorado.

  2. Well, you can’t have societal and industrial devolution without reducing the size of the human population. Human beings will not stop wanting things like food, shelter, etc. so in the minds of the enviro-nazis the size of the human race must be reduced in order to limit the impact on the environment. Scratch the surface of thought of someone who tells you that anti-bacterial wipes are bad, and that DDT should stay illegal despite the evidence it is not dangerous except to mosquitos and you will find someone who doesn’t think disease is all bad, except for themselves of course. The zero growth nut jobs see all species, self-aware or not, as equal participants in life on Earth with a dogmatic resolution greater than that of the Vatican.

  3. Having concluded that a working definition of ‘evil’ is “the willingness to allow people to suffer,” I can only infer that those who wish to deprive living people of the means to alleviate their suffering (i.e. potable water, shelter, food, clothing, access to general information, and the energy required to produce these items) are agents of evil just as much as those who seriously consider reducing the human population by depriving living people of their right to continue living.
    The only quibble is in assigning names to those agents of evil.

  4. “A primary cause of ecosystem destruction and species extinctions is the human overpopulation that already far exceeds ecologically sustainable levels.” If that’s the case, the best solution is to rid the eco system of a few extra species. We could probably do without whales, polar bears, or other unnecessary critters. Survival of the fittest, baby!

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