Obama praises Aussie carbon tax

“I think it’s good for the world” — spoken like a true 12-year old.

Greenwire reports,

President Obama yesterday vowed to keep pursuing greenhouse gas emissions cuts despite the demise of congressional climate legislation, calling carbon cuts “good for the world” and “good for our economies” — even as he acknowledged that global progress would be a “tough slog.”

Addressing the press in Australia, where legislators passed a carbon tax earlier this month, Obama praised Prime Minister Julia Gillard for pursuing “a bold strategy” to trim industrial emissions that most scientists say are contributing to global warming. Though a broad climate bill failed to clear Congress last year, Obama predicted that other steps his advisers have taken — including stronger auto efficiency rules and low-emissions energy spending — would help the United States abide by carbon-cutting promises it made during global talks in 2009 and 2010.

“I think that’s good for the world,” Obama said. “I actually think, over the long term, it’s good for our economies, as well, because it’s my strong belief that industries, utilities, individual consumers — we’re all going to have to adapt how we use energy and how we think about carbon.”

17 thoughts on “Obama praises Aussie carbon tax”

  1. Google Maurice Strong…A crazy Marxist (UN) rep. that came up with the carbon credit scam in the first place. He even said that it would be the first step in the New World Order to tax the more productive countries and re-distrubupet the wealth so that the world could be more (even) when they divide it up into sections to rule.

  2. Great for the world! A joke! It’s crap for Australia! IT isn’t even going to reduce greenhouse gases by 5%. We’ll still have to buy credits from 3rd world countries – the international socialists dream of transferring wealth to poorer nations (by stealth). Trouble is all that money will be stolen by the political elite and Australians will be a lot poorer for it….. with no benefit to the world whatsoever.

  3. A huge majority of Australians dont want the carbon tax ! the priminister lied to Australians and forced it upon us ! The Australian priminister and her labor party is finished and will be wiped out come the next election with a massive landslide against her , the tax will be repealed …the labor party has commited political suicide ……

  4. Julia Gillard, went to the last election in Aussie land not supporting a carbon tax. Once elected she did a 180 deg turn around and supported the tax. She double crossed the Aussie public and will get dumped at the next election as a result. Good bye Julia & good riddence, and let Tony Abbot remove the tax.

  5. If you read the facts behind the deal, which is pretty hard because the Government refuses to Publish or even show the Members of Parliment the Documents and Facts they based their Tax on. Instead telling people to just Google it, what more proof do you want.
    But the deal doesn’t end there. In 2015 pledges all CO2 Permission Slips will be bought from…TADA the International Mafia Foundation (IMF) otherwise known as the Rothschilds.
    And the aim of this Insane Tax is to cut the Worlds Temperature by one hundredth of One Degree Celcius. And still doesn’t end there. The three years of the Carbon Tax is by every Definition a Ponzi Scheme.

  6. Obama actually said that in public?………..he is actually praising Australia for screwing their citizens out of hard earned money to line the pockets of Green Carbon Criminals?
    Watch out U.S…………your being run by a fool!

  7. it is all about control to bring in the NWO, global warming is a big lie/hoax
    wake up all, we, the human race are being hit from every direction, the horrific thing i have been aware of for a long time is the weather manipulation spray program planet wide, those of us who see this can not believe others are so blind to it, look up, observe, these skies are horrific and the clouds man made all the time. also haarp being used, this global cabal people still call a gov’t is throwing 10s of millions to keep this quiet. they are destroying our atmosphere, our crops and our health. this is real do not let anyone discredit and bull crap you.

    go to Aircrap.org

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  8. The trend is against Obama and his Aussie “friend.”
    The rest of the world is beginning to understand the truth about two things..
    1…CO2 in the atmosphere at higher amounts is beneficial. At below 200ppm
    all things die…this is well known. At 1000ppm things will really grow beautifully,
    per studies. That may be an ideal level. We are at 390 and plant growth is some
    10-40 percent better than a century ago, when it was 300. So what does tell you?
    It says keep building coal-burning electricity plants.
    2…A little higher atmospheric temperature will be helpful, too.
    How can we say this “foolish” thing? We say it because it was true only recently,
    when theVikings occupied SW Greenland about a thousand years ago, and then
    had to abandon the place when the Little Ice Age came – about 1300-1850. Now
    they’re back..!
    These two friends don’t seem to know these two things.

  9. One idiot to another.
    Gee, a new revenue stream. I’ll bet it only takes a rumor that a business suggested the reason for price rises will be enough for prosecution and a hefty fine.

  10. I bet the part our leader likes best is threatening businesses to keep quiet about the case of price rises. He loves the power. Of course, by threatening, they are telling all what the real cause of the price rises. “We forgot the curtain, but youare ordered to ignore the man behind the curtain.”

  11. Hmmmmm… let’s not forget, this is the President that wanted to impose the ‘Spanish Model’ implementing his green agenda in the USA. The ‘Spanish Model’ has wrecked the Spanish economy.

    President Obama should have avoided the climate change ‘carbon emissions’ topic in his speech to the Australian Parliament. His very own US Department of Energy recently published its estimates of global carbon dioxide emissions for the year 2010 which debunks any link between rising Co2 levels and temperature.


    Perhaps he hadn’t yet been given the data!

  12. Obama is starting to sound like a Chinese business owner manufacturing green products for the West. Behind Gillards back he is laughing at Australia’s stupidity. Julia Gillard hatred of Australians is apparent, she promised she would never introduce carbon taxes when canvassing their vote, but once in office done a complete u turn. What kind of Democracy is that?

  13. OZero was relieved to talk about someone else’s CO2 insanities for a minute or two without being served a FoxNews reminder that his cohorts and cronies comprise considerably more than 80% of the recipients of his “administration’s” doled out squanderings of the confiscated wealth of the next several generations as yet unborn of America’s most creative, innovative, industrious and productive!

  14. we’re all going to have to adapt how we use energy and how we think about carbon.”

    HAVE TO ADAPT??? more forcing of the agenda down the throats of people. There can be no doubt about this president is about

  15. Good grief! When Obama won, I felt re-assured that US policy was now to be focused on less conflict and more measured ‘real politik’. Boy, was I wrong!

    It seems to me that the US system, the EU system and (my) UK system of party politics is finally dead in the water. Where do I apply for a Chinese visa?

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