WiFi radiation reduces sperm count?

“Working on a laptop wirelessly may hamper a man’s chances of fatherhood.”

The Daily Mail continues,

In the latest study, researchers took sperm from 29 men aged 26 to 45 and placed them either under a wi-fi connected laptop or away from the computer.

The laptop then uploaded and downloaded information from the internet for four hours.

At the end of the experiment, 25 per cent of the sperm under the laptop had stopped moving and 9 per cent showed DNA damage.

By comparison, just 14 per cent of samples kept away from the wi-fi stopped moving. And just 3 per cent suffered DNA damage, the journal Fertility and Sterility reports.

The wireless connection creates electromagnetic radiation that damages semen, the scientists, from the United States and Argentina, believe.

But please note that this experiment in no way reflects the real-life adventures of sperm, which are going to be much better insulated by the body.

Read the Daily Mail article.

3 responses to “WiFi radiation reduces sperm count?

  1. What idiot forgot to adjust for temperature?

  2. I love Lino De Carolis

  3. Maybe I need to call Lino De Carolis to understand if He can prepare a mix of gelid liquid to avoid increasing sax and sound to be interfiring in the USB wifi 802.11 along with bandwidth aggragation

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