Delinquent Teenager, please call your office

Perhaps Donna Laframboise has rather disturbed the equilibrium with her book but somehow the IPCC has let some actual science slip into the draft of a report on weather extremes (but don’t worry, there’s plenty of time to write in some scary stuff before its release at the end of the week)

Leaked Text of IPCC Extremes Report – Has the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change finally gotten the issue of extreme events right?  Maybe so. At the BBC Richard Black says that he has a copy of the forthcoming IPCC extremes report and shares some of what it says prior to being considered by governments this week:

For almost a week, government delegates will pore over the summary of the IPCC’s latest report on extreme weather, with the lead scientific authors there as well. They’re scheduled to emerge on Friday with an agreed document.

The draft, which has found its way into my possession, contains a lot more unknowns than knowns.

He  describes a report that is much more consistent with the scientific literature than past reports (Roger Pielke Jr.)

IPCC on extreme weather: no climate change for next 20-30 years

New IPCC report is going to say that science doesn’t know whether CO2 has an effect on most climatic observables

Roger Pielke JrRichard Black of BBCThe GWPFTom Nelson, Marc Morano, and others celebrate a draft of a new report by the IPCC which should be publicly released on Friday. (The Reference Frame)

One response to “Delinquent Teenager, please call your office

  1. If they don’t come up with scary stuff, they’re out of a job. It’s a bit early to celebrate.

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