Amazing piece of IPCC propaganda from Discovery’s treehugger

Has to be seen to be disbelieved:

Dr. Rajendra Pachauri on Pricing Carbon, the Himalaya Glacier Error, and GOP Climate Denial (Video Interview) – As the head of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, Dr. Rajendra Pachauri has the unenviable job of being the bearer of bad scientific news to every nation on the planet. The IPCC, as you’re likely aware, is charged with synthesizing the latest scientific research on climate change into a single extensive report. And that report is intended to advise countries around the globe on how to respond to — and mitigate — the advance of global warming.

Even though the panel consists of highly-regarded, politically inactive scientists, the findings and recommendations of the IPCC are often met with controversy. Aside from Al Gore, Dr. Pachauri and the IPCC draw more ire from those who find climate change inconvenient than just about anyone. Case in point: last year, an unfortunate error in how scientists had measured glacier melt in the Himalayas lead to overheated — and baseless — ‘scandal’ charges from the IPCC’s foes. For its part, the IPCC acknowledged the mistake, transparently corrected the error, and carried on.

Despite all the ruckus that follows him around, Dr. Pachauri remains calm and determined in his efforts to keep the world abreast of the latest developments in climate science. I had the opportunity to sit down with Pachauri at this year’s PopTech conference, where he was a keynote speaker. We discussed the wide world of climate science, why we need to price carbon, the fallout from the Himalaya glacier error, and why we shouldn’t worry too much about GOP climate denial. The video interview is posted below, in three parts. (treehugger)

2 responses to “Amazing piece of IPCC propaganda from Discovery’s treehugger

  1. No, the scandal arose by blatantly false claims making it through several rounds of review despite numerous corrections by the reviewers (strike 1). This claim was sourced to a non-peer-reviewed article by the WWF (strike 2). Then, when it was challenged, those objecting were called practitioners of Voodoo science and yelled down instead of correcting the error (strike 3).

    I could even have accepted the first two errors. Those familiar with my comments certainly know my disjointed writing style often leaves silly errors where a sentence is incomplete, or has half in one tense and the other half in another. While I do edit a proper paper, much less something of this import, some eccentricies do slip through. However, if corrected, I accept it. Failing to consider correction is where the scandal lies.

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