Shock! Burning methane is less carbon-intensive than burning coal

For reasons which are not clear this is allegedly contentious. Possibly because greenies are against any development and artesian-dependent graziers are not difficult to worry about their water supplies coal-seam gas (CSG) and fracking are under attack in Australia:

Blow to Greens’ gas ‘denial’ as report backs mining – GREENS’ claims that there is no scientific proof coal-seam gas is better for the environment than coal have been undermined by a new expert report, which finds the carbon footprint of generating power from gas is up to 87 per cent smaller than that from coal.

The findings have provoked charges of hypocrisy against the Greens for opposing CSG exploration and production, while urging immediate action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to climate change.

The report by global engineering consultancy WorleyParsons compares greenhouse gas emissions associated with Chinese power generators using Australian liquefied natural gas derived from CSG with those using imported black coal.

It compares the gas and coal technologies across their entire “life cycle” – from extraction, to processing, to transportation and then power generation.

The report concludes: “CSG is significantly less greenhouse gas-intensive for most existing, commonly employed, end-user combustion technologies and for most of the life-cycle scenarios considered.” (The Australian)

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