7 thoughts on “Earth to Obama: Something's wrong at the EPA”

  1. As an environmental professional I concur that the EPA and the States Departments should be abolished as they now stand because what started as a good idea has outlived its usefulness. Most of the rules and regulations should be ended. i realize that some regulation is necessary to keep a clean environment, but many of the decisions made by the EPA and their cohorts are based on land use, not environmental issues.

  2. The tendency to cut corners, leave a mess, and so on, will always be with us. The profit motive in a capitalist democracy must receive its due respect, and we can make predictions based on past behavior. I don’t believe, though, that we need a vast be bureaucracy to keep an eye on things. We do need enforcement of rational regulations in the area of environmental responsibility as in many other areas of civilized life. I suggest that “Kill it and start over”, given my expectations of legislative behavior, would lead first to “Kill it” with a long, sad, hiatus leading up to the “start over” part. I suggest that it ought more reasonably to be rephrased as “Redefine EPA to enable it to maintain the superb status quo that has made most of America much more livable than it was 50 or 100 years ago, but purge any regulation based on junk science, fund enforcement of rational regulation, and, upon the President’s signature, nullify everything within EPA that is outside the new definition on day one.” I’ve never believed we needed a transitional period to phase us into doing the right thing. Just do it. I would think that this principle could be applied to many another regulatory body at every level. Crafting legislation to accomplish this without unintended consequences (I’m shivering in my boots, and I suggested it!) would require $0.00 input from interested parties. OK, show stopped….

  3. The EPA has been hijacked by self-serving wacko environmentalists and needs to be ABOLISHED immediately. It is too far gone for repair….Kill it and start over…

  4. The best thing we could do is redefine the EPAs mission, it has become the tail that wagged the dog. The greatest reason for the loss of jobs in America can be laid right on their doorstep. When it was founded the EPA cleaned up years of environmental problems, but like all good things it has outlived its usefulness as it now stands. Remember, the road to Hell is paved with good intentions.

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