Monthly Archives: September 2011

Palmetto extract: Snake oil for the prostate

The most widely used over-the-counter supplement for prostate health is no more effective than a placebo in treating men’s lower urinary tract symptoms, report researchers in the Journal of the American Medical Association. Continue reading

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Global warming causes animals to shrink?

Except that global warming has caused people to grow and global cooling has caused people to shrink. Continue reading

Food police: Not enough indignity in food stamp program

As if there’s not enough indignity in the federal food stamp program, the food police want soft drink purchases banned from the program because they are “arguably” unhealthy. Continue reading

Dr. Don Williams: Show us the medical records

The enviros seem to be trying to push back on’s “Show us the bodies” challenge. Here, Austin, TX physician Don Williams claims to have treated six children one Saturday in August for ozone-related asthma attacks. Continue reading

We’re not defending EPA but…

… the claim that the agency has asked for 230,000 new employees and $21 billion to implement its greenhouse gas rules is not true. That said, the truth is actually worse. Continue reading

Communists do something right: Lomborg defunded

Denmark’s new left-wing coalition government has reached a consensus about Bjorn Lomborg’s Copenhagen Consensus Center. Continue reading

New bogus climate factoid: Average species shift

What is an average species and can it move? Continue reading

Coffee reduces depression risk?

Two double-shot espressos a day keeps the Prozac away? Continue reading

Congress asks EPA for secret health data — again

Are the days of secret science at the EPA numbered? Continue reading

Obama hits Perry as ‘denier’ for Texas fires

But how does Obama explain drought-driven pre-industrial era wildfires? Continue reading

Military is customer-of-last-resort for green scam

Forget Solyndra. Congress ought to be investigating the green scam Obama is perpetrating on the U.S. military. Continue reading

From the magical food front: A pumpkin a day keeps colon cancer away?

Could this new study be the perfect excuse for a pumpkin pie diet? —>

Poll: Who’s the bigger energy dope?

CNN host Fareed Zakaria starts out his New York Times book review of Dan Yergin’s new energy book with a Bill Gates anecdote. Your task? Vote for the dopiest in that sentence. Continue reading

Skeptic ‘will eat his shorts on live TV’ if neutrino researchers are right

“Jim Al-Khalili, Professor of Physics at the University of Surrey, said: ‘Let me put my money where my mouth is: if the CERN experiment proves to be correct and neutrinos have broken the speed of light, I will eat my boxer shorts on live TV.’ reports The Daily Mail.

NYTimes: DOE loan program has ‘performed well’

Poor math skills may explain why the New York Times is apparently okay with green jobs that cost $5 million each — and check out our prescription for solar industry success. Continue reading

Heavy Rains for Obama’s Solar Decathalon

Solar pipedreamers and schemers are learning that when it rains, it pours. First it was physics and economics; then Solyndra and now it’s a rainy weekend in Washington DC for the Department of Energy’s Solar Decathalon. The Weekly Standard has the story. Don’t hurt yourself laughing.

TRAIN passes house; Will it stop in the Senate?

The TRAIN Act to require cost-benefit analysis of EPA regs passed the House 249-169. Without a big push on Democrat Senators, however, it’s likely to die in the Senate. Rather than shut the government down over disaster aid and clean energy funding, Republicans should shut it down over the malignant Obama EPA.

Neutrinos outrace light?

That’s the claim that’s shaking the scientific world today. Here’s our take. Continue reading

Kozlovich on bedbugs: Embrace chemistry or pestilence

“The answer to this problem in 1946 was effective, inexpensive, easy to use chemistry that was available to everyone. If that isn’t the answer to our current problem there will be no answer” writes pest management professional Rich Kozlovich.

Kudos to Cain: Calls for EPA do over

At the GOP Presidential debate tonight, Herman Cain was asked, if he had to get rid of a federal agency, which would it be and why. Cain said he would get rid of the EPA because it had “gone wild.” Disappointingly, other than Rick Perry’s fleeting mention of the the job-killing EPA, no other candidate took aim at the EPA.