Monthly Archives: September 2011

Big Wind vs. Big Green

Big Wind wants to minimize the consequences of knocking birds out of the sky. Big Green wants to use birds to knock Big Wind out of business. The “clean energy”-loving Obama is caught in the middle. Continue reading

Plants may store much more carbon

A new study in Nature says that the global uptake of carbon by land plants may be up to 45 per cent more than previously thought. Continue reading

EPA pulls secondhand smoke trick on TCE

EPA says in a new assessment that the widely used solvent trichloroethylene (TCE) is carcinogenic to humans by all routes of exposure. But the EPA has simply pulled the same trick on TCE as it did on environmental tobacco smoke (ETS) — a trick that got the EPA’s ETS cancer risk assessment trashed by a federal court. Continue reading

WSJ: A Bird-Brained Prosecution

The Obama administration is prosecuting seven oil and gas companies for the deaths of 28 birds. But what about the wind industry? Continue reading

Rogue government: EPA disses its own IG

If EPA IG Arthur Elkins has any self-respect, he’ll resign. Continue reading

Solyndra losing in DOE Solar Decathalon, too

The University of Tennessee team participating in the Department of Energy’s Solar Decathalon is in 15th place among a field of 19 — thanks in part to its pricey Solyndra technology. Continue reading

Nature: Americans inefficiently happy; Should be more like Costa Ricans

A commentary in Nature suggests that Americans could be happier than they are now with a lot less impact on the Earth — just like Costa Rica. And all we need is some good ol’ central planning. Continue reading