JunkScience.com fixes Huntsman on EPA?

Former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman declared in tonight’s Republican Presidential Debate in Iowa that “the EPA’s regulatory reign of terror” must be brought to an end. He made that point in those words twice.

Huntsman said,

“We don’t make things anymore in this country. We need to start making things in this country. And in order to do that, we need serious regulatory reform, not just repealing Obamacare, but ending the EPA’s regulatory reign of terror.”

Just two weeks ago, Gov. Huntsman was the keynote speaker at the annual dinner of Republicans for Environmental Protection (or as JunkScience.com pointed out at a pre-dinner protest, “RINOs for EPA Protection”).

Perhaps Huntsman took our hint, foregoing the RINO Kool-Aid. :)

BTW, despite that the out-of-control EPA threatens our ability to grow our way out of economic and budgetary problems, no other Republican candidate even uttered the letters E-P-A. Very disappointing.

5 responses to “JunkScience.com fixes Huntsman on EPA?

  1. I think I am looking for a candidate who historically supports what I support. The only person I know who does not have a record to contradict them is Hermine Cain. Of course he is not a politician and answers questions directly. Think about that. Answers the question asked and then waits for the next question.

  2. Herman will be eaten alive whomever he runs against:


    Flip Flopping, misspeaking, being wrong, and bad policy just isn’t going to get us anywhere.

  3. Huntsman has to say ‘something’ to appeal to conservatives. As his buddy, Obama says: “They’re just words”.

  4. Too abolish the EPA Ron Paul would be your man. All of the UnConstitutional agencies will be at risk from him.

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