Daily Archives: July 21, 2011

Obama threatens veto of EPA budget cuts

President Obama said today that he would veto appropriations legislation that, Continue reading

More excuse-making for lack of warming

As even climate alarmists are forced to acknowledge the absence of warming over the last 15 or so years, their excuse-making machine is kicking into high gear. Continue reading

Senate rejects science for Agent Orange compensation

Sen. Tom Coburn tried to do the right thing for science, veterans and taxpayers yesterday, but was rebuffed by a vote of 69-30. Continue reading

New green fraud: Organic water

Even the comrades at Mother Jones are upset about “organic water” bottled by Llanllyr Source in Wales. The LLanlyr web site states: Continue reading

Show us the bodies, EPA

By Steve Milloy
July 20, 2011, Washington Times

The House will soon vote to (slightly) rein in the Obama Environmental Protection Agency. But this much-needed baby step by Congress will only happen if Republicans have the knowledge and muster the courage to withstand a final bare-knuckles assault by EPA’s enviro allies. Continue reading

Bloomberg to give greens $50 million for anti-coal efforts

The Sierra Club will announce today that New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg will donate $50 million to the group for its anti-coal campaign. Click for The Hill coverage.