Gore-monism: Romney believes in manmade global warming

That Mitt Romney is a Mormon is, of course, no problem. That he is a Gore-mon, however, is.

Before a town hall meeting in Mancester, New Hampshire today, Romney said,

I believe the world is getting warmer, and I believe that humans have contributed to that. It’s important for us to reduce our emissions of pollutants and greenhouse gases that may be significant contributors.

This statement obviously doesn’t bode well for the prospect that Romney would rein in the EPA and its endangerment finding and economy-killing greenhouse gas regulations.

In a 2008 GOP presidential debate, Romney was critical of unilateral/local emissions cuts, noting it was called “global warming” not “California warming.” But today’s comments raise serious questions about his candidacy.

Note to GOP presidential candidates: If you embrace climate alarmism to appease the alarmists, then don’t because they won’t vote for you anyway and non-alarmists will vote for another Republican candidate.

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  1. Excellent!!…… what else do we need to know… RomneyCare..??… AGW proponent.???? Adios, Mitt………

  2. Amen……..
    If the Stupid Party nominates another spineless , nitwit, moderate…
    Romney should be DONE……Of course , we see the latest attempt from the media to pick OUR nominee. If we fall for it again, shame on us.

  3. The GOP now has it’s own version of Al Gore. Mitt Romney is even more stiff and reminds me of a robot. Somewhere along the way, the left has been able to continue to program him with their socialistic views. And I’m not surprised, the way the moderate Republicans will let just anyone into their party as long as they have money. At least the Democrats are true to their principles, not allowing anyone with conservative views in, anymore which the GOP most likely will be headed in the same direction before too long. I hope the Tea Party revolutionists rip Republican Romney to ribbons.

  4. Herman Cain, step forward!

    This should be the nail in the “Romney for President” coffin– the other one was the failed “Romneycare” swindle……

  5. Co2 is as important in air as Oxygen. Man could not live without either one. Since CO2 exists as only a trace amount (less than 0.04%) , more of it would increase plant growth, including more food plants.

  6. I think I have a new favorite website! I have nothing to add to the above but, Bravo!

    Well, maybe one thing. I wouldn’t have voted for Romney, anyway. Is it surprising that a man who follows Joseph Smith and the book of Mormon also witlessly subscribes to man-caused global warming?

  7. He lost my vote by his support of government-run universal healthcare in Mass., which failed by every objective measure, and his unsound beliefs surrounding preventive wellness and use of government to control lifestyles.

  8. After AGW has been exposed as a wealth-looting and wealth-destroying fraud, Romney still “believes” in it? But, of course. He still believes on Obamacare, too, having been the author of “Romneycare.” AGW is much like Marxism. We all thought it was discredited with the collapse of the Soviet Union. But it still clings tenaciously like lint in the minds of power-lusters. Look at the agenda of the White House. Marxism won’t be “dead” until every molecule of it has been vaporized. So it is with AGW. Previously known as AGC (C for Cooling, using the same doped-up data). Just as there should be a separation of church and state, and a separation of economics and state, there ought to be a separation of science and state. (And of education and state, and diet and state, etc.). We can only hope that Romney’s belief in AGW is a kiss of death for the candidate.

  9. Well, Romney has sealed his fate with me. I’ll never vote for him. If he gets the nod, I’ll vote for write-in “none of the above”.

  10. Romney, Romney , Romney… You are a politician. I think that about sums things up. We already have a president who says what people want to hear and rather. I understand your not wanting to offend people but by placating them you actually offend those who are sitting by waiting for someone to stand and have open conversations with the American People. I know the independents hate honesty, but enough of them will back you if you stand and admit fault when you have it ( Romneycare ) and are pragmatic enough to know that the evidence is still pending for things like “Climate Change”…

    Hey if there are any Conservatives here please check out my book for kids called “The Fisherman’s Catch : A Conservative Bedtime Story” this post links to it ( sorry for the shameless plug but I have to do it somewhere 😉

  11. Wow that is shocking. A republican declaring that there is science behind climate change. By the way: It’s not an issue a faith. We don’t believe in or not believe in global warming / climate change. I either understand (or perhaps trust) the science or I don’t.

  12. At one time I was going to vote for whomever ran against Obama and his “czars”, even if it was Romney. Now, if Romney gets the nomination, I will sit this one out. I’m disappointed. I wanted to cast a vote against Obama. Now , by not voting, Obama in effect will get my vote.

  13. As a Utahn, I fully endorse Big Mitt for janitor at the UN where he belongs, as long as the UN moves to Moscow.

  14. Well, Romney just got scratched off my “maybe” list. Anyone who’s stupid enough to believe in Mann-made global warming is too stupid to be president.

  15. I also agree with Betsy. I was very skeptical of Romney because of RomneyCare. Now, with these statements about AGW I definitely would not support him.
    I’m not a scientist so I have to rely on common sense to form many of my opinions, which are subject to change upon presentation of credible evidence to the contrary.
    So what does common sense tell me about AGW?
    The city of Jacksonvill, Florida = 820 square miles of land surface area
    820 square miles = 24 billion square feet
    Population of Earth = 6 billion
    Thus…we could place the entire population of the planet inside the city limits of one American city!
    Total surface area of Earth = 197 MILLION square miles
    I fail to see how a population that fits inside an area of 820 square miles, on a planet comprised of 197 million square miles could possibly have an impact on the climate! Or possibly cause enough pollution to affect the entire planet negatively (of course, that doesn’t mean a large number of people in a very small geographic area can not produce significant localized pollution to their detriment, i.e., San Fernando Valley, Ca.).

  16. As an astute republican once said about another candidiate that applies equally to Romney: “He sat on the fence so long it unmanned him.”

  17. Hey Folks, Romney is anti-gun believer also.
    Come on NRA, get that Info out there.
    Also, about 90,000 to 100,000 years ago, New York area had a 1000 feet of Ice over the top of it, I dont think we had cars, trucks and busses and power plants and what ever at the time.

  18. Well, he’s off my list of possibilities. There is no way I would vote for such a moron.

  19. Mr. Romney, you have lost at least 30,000 votes of scientists who have studied the badly flawed hypothesis of AGW (man caused global warming) including myself. We do not nead another dip stick to replace the one we have now

  20. “Earth is warming, and has been since the Pleistocene……………”

    Thank God !

    And the Sun, of course. Another couple of degrees or so would suit Humanity just fine. Heck, it didn’t do us Northern Europeans any harm 600 years ago. Quite the reverse, in fact.

    But if people INSIST on voting for these Climate Goons, then they’d better start re-acquiring the pre-industrial skills that kept our ancestors alive back in Chaucer’s day !

  21. Romney’s trying to be clever. He will defend every statement made, and as George pointed out, if you take each segment of this statement, technically we would have to agree.

    “I believe the world is getting warmer, and I believe that humans have contributed to that. It’s important for us to reduce our emissions of pollutants and greenhouse gases that may be significant contributors.”

    The biggest weasel words in the world: may, might, could….

    He’s pitching to the audience, trying to say something they believe in so that he can get their votes, while also keeping us happy. That’s called sitting on the fence. It is not strong leadership and it is certainly not calling a spade a spade.

    We need a strong, unapologetic leader who does not waste time or money on the perception that CO2 is harmful. Not only have we already wasted billions of dollars world-wide on this non-problem, the cost of lost productivity in future (because R&D funds and minds have been diverted into a non-problem) will be substantial.

    The charade MUST stop. NOW.

  22. Mitt believes in whatever he thinks YOU believe in. And if he believes you believe something different later, then he believes he believes whatever you believe now, and furthermore, he believes he always has.

    When he was running against Ted Kennedy in Massachusetts, he proclaimed loudly that he was “no friend of the NRA.” (I saved the articles.) When he was running for president last cycle, he proclaimed that he was “endorsed by the NRA” (which was a lie). During the governors’ race, he was pro-choice, but in 2005 he proclaimed himself pro-life. As governor, he backed McCain-Feingold; as a presidential candidate, he denounced it. While governor, he strongly supported gay rights; now he stresses his firm opposition to gay marriage. For a final chuckle, he believes that other than his flip-flop on abortion, he’s been politically consistent his whole career.

    (Thanks to Readers’ Digest for some of these examples.)

  23. Dr. Rust, that’s an excellent letter and should have a bit of effect on MR’s campaign! I’d have preferred MR over McCain and certainly BHO in 2008 but as you stated we must reverse the fallacies that have been foisted onto us by progressives in both parties OT the answer. I think SP is showing the way to the final destruction of both corrupted political parties. They must be removed before any changes will take place!

  24. This letter was sent to Atlanta attorney Eric Tanenblatt–the leader for Mitt Romney’s campaign in Georgia

    Dear Mr. Tanenblatt:

    There are thousands of scientists like myself who have carefully studied climate science and strongly believe carbon dioxide from burning fossil fuels has a negligible affect on global warming or any other climate event. Reducing use of our abundant fossil fuels, when the alternatives at this time are not practical; will seriously damage the economic welfare of the United States.

    If these remarks attributed to Governor Romney are true; he will lose possible support from many in the scientific community. Many believe it is better to have Barack Obama as president who embraces false premises than a Republican with the same beliefs. It is hard for scientific knowledgeable Republican Congressmen to fight bad polices when their Republican president opposes their views.

    The uncertainty of a practical energy policy in the United States is one of the reasons for the economic stagnation taking place in the United States today. President Obama is responsible for this situation by his attempts to curtail use of fossil fuels and replace them with uneconomical, unreliable, impractical renewable energy resources–solar, wind, biomass, and biofuels. He has not succeeded with Congress; so he is trying to do this by regulations from various government organizations like the EPA.

    He it hard to see how Governor Romney can debate President Obama on this issue when he supports it.

    Best regards,

    James H. Rust, Professor of Nuclear Engineering(ret.)

    ← Do GOP hopefuls trust Al Gore?
    Gore-monism: Romney believes in manmade global warming
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  25. I agree totally with Betsy, above, and her take on Romney and his ridiculous, scientifically uninformed take of “the phony inventor of the Internet”, Al Gore, and his take on global warming being caused by man. Sorry, warming of the Universe is cyclical. Man does not control the temperature of the Universe. Man does control or should control what we put into the air and breath and the water we drink. I sell “the world’s best water purification system” (NSF) and an air purification system that removes 99.99% of contaminants in a home. These pollutants are our main threat, not global warming.

  26. So the Wimpublican Establishment Candidate looked at the polling data and makes what he thinks is a “safe” statement that is “universally applauded.” But the polls seem to always be conducted within the Beltway or in Manhattan.

    Criminy, not yet ANOTHER McCain (a.k.a., “Tantrum McScamnesty”) candidacy. It was all I could do to keep my lunch down when I voted for that one in November 2008, and now we may be facing another one.

  27. I wouldn’t vote for Romney, but for other reasons than this very vague and non-specific statement. After all, any geologist knows that the Earth is warming, and has been since the Pleistocene. And it is pretty obvious that industrial Man has contributed to this trend, in however small a way. The real danger is in the assumption of catastrophe, and Romney does not go that far. And, yes, it is doubtless a good thing for us to reduce our output of various wastes, including gases, and to generally be more careful in what we consume.

    So I think the above reactions are unwarranted by the case. But I still would not vote for the man.

  28. I’m agreeing with the Cain thing….on an emotional level, I was hoping Romney would do better than this, but the global warming thing is — well, alarming! Who want’s someone spouting that rubbish….Cain hasn’t, has he???

  29. Progressives are dangerous. It doesn’t matter which side of the ‘Party Coin’ they are on. When the coin is flipped, Progressive Elitism wins.

  30. Romney is another RINO, just like McCain. I hope that this time, we get a Republican as the Republican nominee, not another RINO. The more I hear Cain, the better I like him.

  31. Dear God –
    Please give conservative, rational Americans with level headed thinking a candidate who can unseat Obama. Newt can’t, Mitt can’t, Sarah won’t and who else are we left with? God we need help on our side of the fence. Thank you.

  32. OK, that was all I needed. I was questioning whether or not I was for or against Romney………………WELL, now I know. If he is spouting “global warming” propaganda I am finished with him. All done, Mitt, have a nice life.

  33. Cain just keeps looking better, doesn’t he?

    The alarmists’ job is simple, because they offer absolutely no proof of anything, even that the earth is warming, but can blame any weather condition, any earthquake, any tsunami, on global warming.

  34. First Newt blows his foot off, and now Mitt. He would have been the lesser of two evils anyway, but he’s the one getting the most money. Maybe that will dry up with him spouting this nonsense.

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