New slur against skeptics: 'Birther-equivalent'

At first, we were mere “skeptics.” Then we became “flat-Earthers.” “Denier”, with its Holocaust-denial implications soon followed. But none of these perjoratives worked for the climate alarmists.

Now the alarmists have re-christened skeptics as “birther-equivalents.”

Well they can call us whatever names they like, but to paraphrase Galileo:

Etiam CO2 facticius non tepidus exitialis
(Still manmade CO2 doesn’t cause catastrophic warming).

9 thoughts on “New slur against skeptics: 'Birther-equivalent'”

  1. I find the system works.
    More people need more land and more food
    co2 goes up crops grow better and warmer temps will open up land.
    the system works

  2. Jeremy, you don’t seem to understand that Mr Milloy compared Al-Gore-debunkers with Galileo. Galileo cringed to the truth that the earth was turning around the sun while the world around him clamored violently for the flat-earth-hypothesis. Mr. Milloy and others cringe to the truth of the goodness of our well-working oil-based technology while the world around us clamors loudly for the man-made-catastrophic-climate-change hypothesis.

  3. Galileo, because they would have a clear understanding of climate change in the 1600s? No one could have possibly fathomed the human population 350-400 years later, much less it’s ability to pollute and destroy the planet.

    Galileo was credited with heliocentrism, btw, and was breaking the norm so much that he waited to release many of his findings till his death bead, mostly cause they’re weren’t popular. Fortunately, (some) people have more balls today…

  4. The use of pejoratives is the most juvenile form of an ad hominem argument. This is a device well-known to students of Classical Rhetoric, the art of persuading people to believe a proposition that is independent of whether or not the proposition is true. (Modern students call it ‘marketing.’) The Internet, through blogs such as this one, is educating modern readers to the weakness of such tactics. Tactically it is a confession of a failure of logic.

  5. You mean birther as in not believing the FORGED birth certificates?? Yup, we don’t believe no stinkin’ IPCC “science” either and for similar reasons. When experts actually take the time to investagate, the claims fall apart!!

  6. I like Richard Lindzen’s comment about being called a denier. He agrees that he is, maintaining that he denies that the carbon dioxide hypothesis never had sufficient merit to have been taken seriously.

  7. They are just trying to use the worst perjorative they can find. As for the comparison, I mind that a lot less than denier. While I could not care less about the birth certificate issue, I find the whole brouhaha to be amusing, not alarming.

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