Monthly Archives: April 2011

Bad news for AMA: Dengue still not blamed on climate change

The upward trend in dengue fever in the U.S. is still not being blamed — at least by scientists — on climate change. Continue reading

Sad but true: JunkScience predicts Shell drilling permit fiasco

As predicted in print by Steve Milloy more than a year ago, Shell Oil’s Arctic Ocean drilling permits have been blocked by the EPA. Continue reading

New ‘disease’: Gulf Spill Syndrome

It was bound to happen — mysterious maladies blamed on exposure to last year’s Gulf of Mexico oil spill. Continue reading

Obama postures about $4-gallon gas at a $35,800 per plate fundraiser

At a $35,800-per-plate Democratic fundraiser last night in California, President Obama slammed “climate change deniers” and postured about the high price of gas:

“Right now we’ve got $4-a-gallon gas, and most of the people under this tent don’t have to worry about that. But for the average person who has to drive 50 miles to work and can’t afford to buy the [$100,000] Tesla, it’s hammering them. It’s hurting them,” Obama said, according to a White House transcript that notes the Tesla comment drew laughter.

Obama also said,

“But I don’t think there’s any doubt that unless we are able to move forward in a serious way on clean energy that we’re putting our children and our grandchildren at risk.”

If he was really worried about “children and grandchildren,” then he be more concerned about the “average people” who are raising those kids.

Anti-pesticide activists exploit poor kids

By Steve Milloy

While it’s not surprising that children from the inner city and Latino farmworker communities might perform slightly less well than average American children on development tests, anti-pesticide activists can make it news if they can link that performance to pesticides. And so they have tried. Continue reading

Earth to Harvard Med faculty: DES is not an ‘endocrine disrupter’

A commentary in this week’s New England Journal of Medicine spotlights how easy it is to forget basic scientific principles even when you’re on the Harvard Medical School faculty. Continue reading

Does air pollution cause breast cancer?

University of Buffalo researchers claim to have linked air pollution with increased risk of breast cancer.

Though I haven’t received a copy of the study yet, I feel confident in rushing to condemn it as junk science.

As there’s no credible evidence that even heavy smoking (i.e., lots of “toxins” inhaled deeply for decades) increases breast cancer risk, why would ambient air be a risk factor?