Daily Archives: February 28, 2011

Soft drinks don’t raise blood pressure

A new study in the American Heart Association journal Hypertension reports that consumption of one sugar-sweetened beverage (SSB) per day increased the systolic/diastolic blood pressure among study subjects (N=2,696) on average by +1.1 mm Hg/+0.4 mm Hg. The researchers conclude that SSBs are directly associated with blood pressure. We conclude that this study is meaningless.

Even accepting the study results at face value, they are of no clinical significance. The average BP in the one-SSB-per-day-group was 119.5/74.0 — under the ideal BP of 120/80. In the more-than-one-SSB-per-day group, mean BP was 122.5/75.5 — again, perfectly normal. Moreover, the study did not link SSB consumption with any clinical health effects.

You’ve heard of Coke Zero; this study is Hypertension Zero.

Claim: Vegetables grown with pesticides better

“A controversial new study… suggests produce grown using modern, artificial, methods may well be better for you,” reports the Daily Mail.

This claim is unlikely to be true — an orange is an orange, no matter how it’s grown. This report does underscore, however, that organic produce is not more nutritious than conventional produce.

National Geographic recycles nuclear winter

National Geographic claims a limited nuclear war could reverse global warming for years on the basis of yet another round of PlayStation® Climatology. But rather than wishing to immolate millions of people, why not just resume atmospheric testing if they are so keen to chill the planet?