Daily Archives: February 24, 2011

Cuccinelli’s right to subpoena upheld

While some academics and AGW advocates huff about a “Mannhunt” the Virgina House of Delegates has blocked an attempt to remove the attorney general’s power to issue subpoenas for academic research at state universities. Assembly Upholds right to subpoena, The Cavalier Daily

NOAA Climategate report clears scientists?

NOAA tries its hand at whitewashing Climategate. Ignore that and checkout Steve McIntyre’s New Light on ‘Delete Any Emails’.

House Dems call for climate science hearings

Henry Waxman and Bobby Rush say two new studies link climate change to extreme weather. But Roger Pielke Jr. says there’s no foundation for claims of increased flooding or extreme weather at all.

Marcellus shale gas ‘dirtier’ than coal?

That’s what Cornell scientists claim, but two times a non-detectable effect is still a non-detectable effect. Baltimore Sun

Hey Kent German… meet Devra Davis

… no, JunkScience.com is not trying to compete with Match.com. We’re just trying to keep naive media types from falling for old junk scientists. Continue reading

Glover: Gasland’s Fracking Nonsense

“… Gasland is, by turns, eloquent, congenial and emotional. But then so is Sesame Street…” Gasland’s Fracking Nonsense, Energy Tribune

Wrightstone: Marcellus Shale Facts

“This white paper will serve to provide factual information concerning the Marcellus Shale.” Marcellus Shale Facts, Energy Tribune