Daily Archives: February 24, 2011

Cuccinelli’s right to subpoena upheld

While some academics and AGW advocates huff about a “Mannhunt” the Virgina House of Delegates has blocked an attempt to remove the attorney general’s power to issue subpoenas for academic research at state universities. Assembly Upholds right to subpoena, The Cavalier Daily

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NOAA Climategate report clears scientists?

NOAA tries its hand at whitewashing Climategate. Ignore that and checkout Steve McIntyre’s New Light on ‘Delete Any Emails’.

House Dems call for climate science hearings

Henry Waxman and Bobby Rush say two new studies link climate change to extreme weather. But Roger Pielke Jr. says there’s no foundation for claims of increased flooding or extreme weather at all.

Marcellus shale gas ‘dirtier’ than coal?

That’s what Cornell scientists claim, but two times a non-detectable effect is still a non-detectable effect. Baltimore Sun

Hey Kent German… meet Devra Davis

… no, JunkScience.com is not trying to compete with Match.com. We’re just trying to keep naive media types from falling for old junk scientists. Continue reading

Glover: Gasland’s Fracking Nonsense

“… Gasland is, by turns, eloquent, congenial and emotional. But then so is Sesame Street…” Gasland’s Fracking Nonsense, Energy Tribune

Wrightstone: Marcellus Shale Facts

“This white paper will serve to provide factual information concerning the Marcellus Shale.” Marcellus Shale Facts, Energy Tribune

Motl: Beware the global warming fascists

“Even mild-mannered chaps such as Johnny Ball get angry when they meet children at schools who have been brainwashed by the AGW crackpottery and who are scared of the future instead of being excited by the future — and by science…”  The Reference Frame: Beware the global warming fascists

Pielke Sr: Rebutting Kilimanjaro Claims

“There is a new paper which addresses an interesting question on the role of land use/land cover change in the vicinity of Mount Kilimanjaro on the climate in this region.” New Study “Land Use Change Impacts On Regional Climate Over Kilimanjaro” By Fairman Jr. Et Al 2011

NOAA: Forensic meteorology solves record snows

“Shortly after the third of three major snowstorms brought record-setting snowfall to the U.S. mid-Atlantic region, NOAA’s Climate Scene Investigators (CSI) assembled to analyze why the snowstorms happened.”  ClimateWatch Magazine » Forensic Meteorology Solves the Mystery of Record Snows.

Australia: Gillard’s carbon price plan

“Prime Minister Julia Gillard has announced today that she intends to introduce a fixed cost for carbon emissions by July 1 2012, with the introduction of a cap and trade emissions trading scheme within three to five years after that. Continue reading

Spencer: On the House Vote to Defund the IPCC

“The climate change deniers have no one but themselves to blame for last night’s vote. I’m talking about those who deny NATURAL climate change. On the House Vote to Defund the IPCC

Ancient megadroughts preview warmer climate?

“Ancient megadroughts that lasted thousands of years in what is now the American Southwest could offer a preview of a climate changed by modern greenhouse gas emissions, Continue reading

Desperately seeking wealth redistribution

“A climate ‘vulnerability index’ to judge which developing countries are most at risk from global warming and in need of aid is among the proposals submitted to a U.N. body ahead of new climate talks in April. World Environment News – U.N. “Climate Vulnerability” List Urged To Guide Aid – Planet Ark

Climate Change ‘Dire’ Threat To Coral Reefs?

“Globally warmer seas, rising carbon dioxide emissions and local factors like over-fishing have pushed the threat level on the world’s coral reefs into the danger zone, environmental advocates said on Wednesday.” Continue reading