Marita on the demise of the renewables

I could like this development.

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Amnesty International is a tool of the left–a despicable organization

Why is it that organizations with euphemistic names end up tools for tyrants and thugs?

Amnesty International has pretended to be opposed to oppression, but hey, what is oppression in the commie lexicon–it’s anything that doesn’t support statist tyranny by socialist elites.

We can assume that Amnesty International is wrong and that they lie even when they say and and the.

States tell court that EPA chief’s comments show CO2 rulemaking comment period a ‘SHAM.’

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An Open Letter to the Pope on Climate Change

Writing through Cornwell Alliance, over 90 prominent scientists, academics and religious leaders wrote an open letter to the Pope calling upon him to use “genuine” climate change science and not be lured by “seductive simulations.” Continue reading

Anti-GMO ideology comes to fast food

Chipotle announced that, as of today, its food will be free of genetically modified ingredients. Continue reading

Paul Driessen and the Pope? I know which one is the commie.

I was educated, high school, college, med and law school, by Jesuits, and I assure you that the modern day jesuits are all political correctness, relativist, deterministic, materialist, secularist socialists.

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Another look at the interest rate problem and central planner fatal conceit

I always get a chance to make fun of Bob McTeer when he drags out the old fiddle and plays the Fed Reserve zero rate ditty.

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