Donald Trump is wrong, it’s worse than he portrays, because the legal and asylum immigrants are bad news too

If you read the extremely well documented and researched book by Ann Coulter, Adios America where she exposes the dirty truth–you will see what I mean. Trump properly describe our current failure to control illegal immigration as dangerous–it’s worse than that.

Current immigration policies that award citizenship and asylum are increasing our burden of criminal savage migrant populations.

But there’s more.

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Why socialist utopians are vicious (as in without virtue)

Prudence is the most important civic virtue and honesty is the most important social virtue.

Without them lies and deceptions and bad policy are the currency of political discourse and the society doesn’t progress. This essay discusses why socialism is so attractive to the vicious.

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Solar’s “stunning growth” stinks of government stupid

In a world of sensible markets and limited government solar would have achieved a small role, but it is achieving more growth do to bad government policies, that result in subsidies.

Marita Noon writes of the extraordinary nature of this energy nonsense. Ugly, with a big carbon imprint, and low efficiency, solar is silly except in the minds of enviro fanatics.

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Green revolution advocated by Indian Prime Minister

India’s population and farmers are afraid of GM crops? Indian Ag falling behind in new production techniques?

That’s a problem.

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Charles Battig–masterful presentation on why the EPA is not to be trusted on air pollution human health effects

Charles is, like all engineers and physicians, intent on making a good and cogent presentation.

So he keeps up the effort.

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Roger Kimball is pessimistic about the American People–me too

Roger Kimball expresses his alarm.

I am fascinated by the venality and ignorance of the American Polity.

I can’t imagine, in a population that knows so little, a serious effort to get the republic back on course.

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Black chick’s takedown of Mr. Sulu’s racist comments on Justice Thomas

Mr. Sulu’s remarks on vid