EPA banned experiments on children —but not until after it sprayed diesel exhaust up the noses of 10-year olds

But the agency still defends the tests as necessary for public policy — yet another illegal rationale. Continue reading

More On Aspirin and Cardiovascular Disease

On rereading my recent comment on the use of aspirin to prevent cardiovascular disease, it occurred to me that I may have given some the mistaken impression that I was endorsing that preventive therapy for people with a prior history of cardiovascular events (heart attack or stroke). Let me provide some clarification. Continue reading

Charles Battig and “good enough for government work,” which is 38% right in climate pronoucements

So the NOAA NASA goofs now say–well 38% likely that 2014 was the warmest year since 1880.

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Sierra Rayne on a new effort to blame North Dakota Oil producers for troubles–this time dirty snow

Dirty snow will cause warming?

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How much does Big Al get out of this deal?

Gore and Calderon say for $90 trillion they can pack you in to cities with only public transportation.  Continue reading

If the data don’t fit the model, adjust the data?

New estimates of historical sea level rise rates seem to be adjusting the data to fit water input estimates rather than adjusting the input estimate to fit data.  Continue reading

Ernest says what I thought about the aspirin paper

I am not impressed with anybody’s claims of being able to assess risk factors.

For example I know that certain things increase risk, but how much? There are a lot of confounders.

So here Ernest provides a rational discussion of primary prevention with aspirin in response to me posting the study reporting on proper aspirin prescribing for cardiovascular protection without unnecessary increase in bleeding.

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