I told you so doesn’t satisfy

In the run up to the 2008 election I kept warning people about the bamster, because I had done my homework. The man is an anti America socialist, it was obvious, and the info was available on his commie background and pathetic political, professional and academic record.

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Buffett the hypocrite, tax avoidance anyone?

You might ask, how come he keeps talking about income taxes? Well cause he’s got that one wired.
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Another case of pen and phone imperial presidency?

Obama pursuing climate accord instead of treaty because the Senate won’t ratify a treaty. Continue reading

Science scams in politics, why they continue Roger Pielke speaks

I have always benefited from reading Pielke.

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Central Planning and the Fatal Conceit take a hit–hoorah

This new guy Indian Prime Minister promised an end to bureaucratic overgrowth, the kudzu of conceit.

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Think big Bro is watching?

This report doesn’t even come close to the amount of MONITORING OF SPEECH going on at the hands of the leftist tyrants.

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Spengler waxes eloquent on political national suicide and other things.

This guy is breathtaking sometimes. He goes by Spengler, name is Goldman.

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