Perpetual motion

Reports of the Naval Research Laboratory’s sea water to avgas were perpetual motion stories that ran up on the shoals of the laws of Thermodynamics.  Continue reading

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EPA Misconduct and Unethical Human Experiments

More on our efforts to expose human experimentation that makes no sense if the EPA is telling the truth about air pollution.

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Beer and Soda need CO2

Enough, stop the CO2 haters.

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Mark Steyn on Sustainability–among other things

Why should I try to be funny and cogent when I can put up the great Steyn on another of the goofy left’s ideas–sustainability.

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Agenda 21 Wake Up People

I keep running into blockheads who don’t see what’s coming down the track.

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A new climate tipping point

The IPCC has issued a new climate tipping point in 15 years if we don’t act immediately.  Continue reading

VA Supreme Court Rules For Mann

The Virginia Supreme Court ruled that Mann’s emails are exempt from FOIA because they are “research.”