Crony socialsm and biofuel mandates

The New York legislature continues to push for a biofuel heating mandate.  One of the people behind the push is the guy building the plant to supply it.  Continue reading

Kirsten Powers and Rush

Want to get a big silence in a mixed group–mention Rush Limbaugh.
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How to do a scam diet study

This is a great essay on how to cheat on a diet study.

And it hinges on the effect of multiple inquiry, which is a focus of my friend and ally Stan Young PhD–a Statistician at the National Institute for Statistical Science.

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Delusional Nonsense From Ambrose Evans-Pritchard

Bob Greene:

Delusional is correct. The delusion starts with the propagandist’s assumption that fossil fuels have zero economic value, only costs. Health costs are modeled and do not include actual diagnoses. How much of the health costs include more than doubling life expectancy.

It’s hard to do a search for economic benefits, only the imaginary costs of fossil fuels. Do those who think they are so bad believe that all they have and do can be replaced by something else? Are they willing to eschew the benefits of fossil fuels and take up the lifestyle of 1015? I doubt it. I await their demonstration of a fossil free lifestyle.

Delusional or idiots. Take your pick.

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By Paul Homewood

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Ambrose Evans-Pritchard often writes about the forthcoming demise of fossil fuels, but he has really excelled himself this time, with such delusional reporting that about the only thing he has got right is his name.

The political noose is tightening on the global fossil fuel industry. It is a fair bet that world leaders will agree this year to impose a draconian “tax” on carbon emissions that entirely changes the financial calculus for coal, oil, and gas, and may ultimately devalue much of their asset base to zero.

The International Monetary Fund has let off the first thunder-clap. An astonishing report – blandly titled “How Large Are Global Energy Subsidies” – alleges that the fossil nexus enjoys hidden support worth 6.5pc of world GDP.

This will amount to $5.7 trillion in 2015, mostly due to environmental costs and damage to health, and mostly…

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Climate Central beats the scare drum

There has developed in many sports venues this terrible noise maker thing–in soccer matches the loud horns, in baseball parks, drums.

Climate Central is a noise maker web site, the enemy of rational discussions. Now they announce a terrible trend to heavy rains, and they remind me of the cancer cluster nut cases–every time two things happen together these clowns and advocates announce a trend or a crisis. Their favorite word is epidemic, defined as any time two things happen and catch the attention of an empty-headed journalist or lefty advocate.

If you think Climate Central can be trusted, please look at our archive on Sierra Rayne, a whiz at statistics, who debunks these scaremongers all the time on their claims of this or that enviro “trend” or “epidemic” or “crisis.”

In the past a close look at the data on rainfall events shows, NO TRENDS, but journalists and scare mongers and green activists can identify a trend, and of course violent weather is scary and provides an opportunity for the movement.

Shame on these people–they betray the public trust with their scaremongering.

Warming causes droughts, now it causes floods, now it causes tornadoes, now it causes hurricanes, now it causes anxiety and stupidity.

Greens are just anti capitalism socialists–they don’t care about Gaia

This is a charade–the green machine is about destroying capitalism–it is a Luddite movement under the banner of saving the earth.

That’s why sustainability is such a scam concept.

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Imagine that the DOE is screwing with nukes

I know you can’t imagine that the Department of Energy would be involved with interfering with domestic nuke development and markets. Continue reading