Those claims that the NYC Subway is filled with Killer Bacteria? Not so fast…

[Wash Post]
In February, you may recall, a much-hyped study examined bacteria found
across the New York City subway system. The study found that many of the
species were previously unknown to science (which is cool, but not
surprising) and that some of them were potentially dangerous: microbes
associated with the bubonic plague and anthrax, for example.

After push back from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the
New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, the researchers have
added a correction to their study. Their data collection was just fine — so
they’re not retracting their study — but they admit that their
interpretations may have been a bit speculative in nature, and that the
media’s interpretation of those interpretations got a little out of control.

More scaremongering on the Antarctic Ice is debunked

Here we go.

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Bees on the comeback trail while panicky enviros left flapping about a crisis

A lesson in markets, the nonsense of panicmongering from the left and the crisis that went away.

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Another bamster economic policy success–lowest home ownership rate since 1967

Don’t worry the dems and the media will invent a reason that this is a good sign–people aren’t pushing that high living lifestyle that includes owning ones own home.

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Why I continue to advocate for markets in health insurance

It’s easy to understand–Milton Freidman said it best–there is no free lunch.

Healthcare is a service, and should be subject to market incentives. Healthcare as a gift or government provided handout will always be mediocre and expensive.

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Hillary will be a worse enviro fanatic? How is that possible–Marita explains

Marita Noon always seems to come up with interesting commentary.

This one is alarming–I know that Hillary isn’t the origin of these ideas–she gets advice from fanatics in every area of policy making.

Link to: Hillary’s energy plan is like Obama’s Clean Power Plan on steroids

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The little tyrant reaches for more control

Editors at National Review on the latest from the bamster and his EPA control freaks.

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