Government employee pension/benefit plans.

So the Canadians are worried about their pension plans and benefits.

Big surprise.

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Nuke power is good stuff

Here’s a discussion to consider. And don’t get me going with stupid talk about nuclear safety.

Nukes are safe, particularly the current designs. Fukshima had some stupid plans for their auxiliary power.

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Bad winter for NY, that’s what’ll get their attention for a nanosecond.

There is no saving these socialists from their delusions that environmentalism will deliver the power to their people.

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Greenpeace evil says a founder, Patrick Moore PhD

I would agree, since I do believe they are committed to a perverse and evil political system–socialism.

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Warming fails again–UK faces big FREEZE

Why am I concerned, after all the models are working well. Hope the Brits have something more than wind turbines to keep things warm.

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Extreme weather events in 2013. Low Low Low

No surprise if you watch even the hyperventilating Weather Channel.

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John Ioannides

This author is a most important junk science detective.

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