Ben E. King dies April 30, age 76

I am a singer, my father was a singer, when you are a singer, you appreciate singers.

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Jose Altuve–an inspiration and he can thank his FATHER

I watched a wonderful story today on TV about the success of Jose Altuve of Venezuela, now an important player withe the Houston Astros.

Altuve was, last year, the best hitter and base stealer in the American League in his second year and also the historical leading hitter for the Astros, ever, besting the 210 hits by Craig Biggio, the Astros only Hall of Fame player–also a second baseman.

So the little man Altuve, at 5 feet 5 inches is one of the best hitters in all of basebal, on the All Star Team, in his second year in the majors, at the age of 23.

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Socialist’s remorse–statist’s remorse–William Voegeli expounds

Boy, you want to understand the problem of statism and overreaching socialistic utopianism, digest this fine essay.

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Sheriff Clarke of Milwaukee–the Gray charges are just the Zimmerman and Duke Lacrosse cases repeated

I have been repeating that.

Sheriff Clarke is right–the prosecutors in Zimmerman were and the Gray prosecuters are overreaching their authority and violating basic due process.

As for the Duke Lacrosse case, there is no way to explain the idiocy of that prosecutor who is now discredited for his misconduct.

Michael Mann admits he is NOT a ‘serious scientist’

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Adultery is prohibited in the military, a problem is created

The essay linked below discusses what will be a disruptive problem in the military–adultery in homosexual marriages.

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A new wrinkle on extinctions caused by “climate change”

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