FACT SHEET: EPA’s Claim That Its Coal Plant CO2 Rules Will Save Lives By Reducing Particulate Matter Emissions Is False

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The poison pill that is Medicaid

Everybody notices the increase in premiums and the distortions created by bamstercare.

I have always emphasized that bamstercare was nothing more than a dressed up project to destroy the private marketplace for healthcare and health insurance, and create Medicaid on steroids. Medicare was even unacceptable to the socialists, too many places where it reminded them that a monolithic bureaucratic tyranny would be impossible with a bunch of oldsters and Medicare supplemental insurance and Part B. Too many moving parts.

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Salt fanatic fetishists at at again, demonstrating their orthorexia nervosa

Let me go over this one more time, the matter has been stirred up by the salt fanatics who just have to be telling people how to eat.

I will review the research and how it got so screwed up.

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Every crusade for political correctness from the left is based on junk science

So they puffed up the poverty numbers and the puffed up the child abuse and abduction numbers and now they puff up he rape and sexual offense numbers.

Criminology and social sciences are full of lefty academics who use “studies” of dubious methodology or outright lies to make their case for creating a new crisis that deserves their new leftist crusade.

The angry ugly feminists have been past masters at making things up.

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Might I suggest this paper supports what Indur Goklany has been saying, prosperity improves adaptibility

Our ability to deal with weather and flood and wind events is directly related to infrastructure, that is dependent on prosperity.

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An encomium to lyrics of black music of old and a lament about the decline of black music

Below I link a great essay with inserts of performances, that you will find uplifting. It will take you back to a day of great music. It will also be heart-rending because the black music of that great past was lost to the emptiness of hip hop and rap.

Black music was the most important pop music for a long time. Black Jazz musicians were dominant. White singers and musicians wanted to be like them and sing like them–from Paul Whitman to Frank Sinatra.

Black music was adopted by white culture enthusiastically. One example of how American culture incorporated a worthy contribution with gusto. White people may not have been as good at dancing, but they knew good music when they heard it.

Show me any white person of my age who didn’t grow up with an appreciation of black music and I’ll show you someone who was isolated.

I have a big collection in a cabinet not far from where I sit, Temps and Tops, Supremes, Ronettes, Aretha, Tina Tuner, Crystals, Sam Cooke, Smokey Robinson, Ray Charles–to me the Motown sound was the sound of my high school and college days.

As a young man I considered Louie Armstrong the best trumpet player alive, Nat Cole the best singer. I tried to play like Louie and sing like Nat, now I know of so many more Black jazz trumpet players and piano players and singers and I do their stuff at home, not as good as them for sure. I play trumpet in a room in the garage, piano in the house.

John Coltrane and the Charlie ‘Bird’ Parker, along with other sax players, are stunningly talented, piano players galore beginning with probably the most talented of all, Art Tatum, but including people like Scott Joplin in the old , to Nat Cole, who was a great piano player before he ever sang a note, and so many more, Eubie Blake, Duke Ellington, Count Basie, Thelonius Monk. Their contributions to American culture are inestimable. I am not gonna try to go deeper into this or it’ll look like I’m trying to be a music historian.

Presently the best trumpet player living is Wynton Marsalis, a remarkable man with great Jazz and Classical range–I hate his racist attitudes, but he plays like an angel. Wynton’s family is talented–his father a great New Orleans Pianist, brothers play sax and drums.

The essay below focuses on the black influence in popular music–rock and roll, rhythm and blues, the important contributions that were also compatible lyrically with American Culture. There were a time when the Black Culture was built on family and religion. The essay below describes the descent of black music. Ain’t pretty.

Hip Hop and rap is disgustingly decadent and violent in tone and themes–women are considered objects, sex a rough and savage sport. There’s no need to prove the new black music is a descent into a sewer.

And it is a shame, I can still hear Otis Redding. I can sing those songs today, and I still play them on my trumpet and on the piano. Can’t play the trumpet like Dizzy, but I sure can appreciate how good he was.

A long time ago a black physician friend of mine introduced me to a great and not as well-known black jazz/ballad singer, Johnny Hartman, classic example of a genius at work, but a great singer known mostly just to jazz aficionados.


Dr. Kendrick, LDL, And Meaningless Guidelines

Dr. Malcolm Kendrick, author of The Great Cholesterol Con, divides his time between practicing medicine and educational endeavors. Kendrick, based in Cheshire, England is a founding member of the Centre for Evidence Based Medicine in Oxford and The International Network of Cholesterol Sceptics (THINCS). As noted in this column on previous occasions, the diet/cholesterol theory of coronary heart disease has been in a death spiral for years. Kendrick recently commented on an interesting development. Continue reading

Wanna know about the Death Cross–here ya go

It’s a bad omen for a long term decline in stock prices.

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