Video: Al Gore’s microphone fails while quoting Jesus and pronouncing the word ‘hypocrite’

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NASA is delusional–August is the hottest month ever?

Cherry pickin’ is such a good way to go. NASA can’t be trusted.

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Murray Energy gets into it with the EPA on Clean Air Act requirements for risk/benefit analysis

I think this is fine, mighty fine, however, but so what if you force the EPA to count jobs lost, they still go forward with their junk science on how many lives they’re saving.

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GM news–Cargill fight GM trade blocking

Good for them–people need to know this is nuts–these Luddites need to be stopped.

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This essay settles the GM Foods debate–winner and champeen–GM

As the author says so well–it has saved so many lives and no one, absolutely no one has died from a GM food.

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Roy Spencer waxes eloquent on climate research

This is a fine essay from a fine man.

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RIP Dr. Elizabeth Whelan, major voice for Sense in Science

[NY Post columnist]

A relentless battler for real science
We lost Dr. Elizabeth Whelan last week at the age of 70, far too soon, a fact that will take forever to get used to.

Beth was one of the shining lights of sound science — full of passion and courage in the face of fanaticism and scorn, determined to get the truthful message out there, against all odds.
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