Global warming STOP to last another 15 years, says Science mag study

Wonder if warmism will last that long? Continue reading

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It’s about something

Ms. McCarthy is now saying that the Clean Power Plan is not about climate. Continue reading

NOT MUCH: Summary of what other countries are doing on climate

What are 34 other major CO2 emitters representing two-thirds of non-U.S. emissions doing on climate? Find out here.

Flash Food Warning

Extreme weather causes flash flood and flash food warnings.  And typo’s. Continue reading

Cross state air pollution or wood stoves?

Parts of Shoshone County, Idaho, is designated non-attainment for PM2.5.   Maybe just an example of particulate rules being set much too low. Continue reading

Sustainability–an excuse for tyranny and cover for phony gestures and PR

Wouldn’t you like to expose all the pretenders. Hell they couldn’t sustain anything but their line of BS.

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Doper alert

Ok, up and at em, all you dopers. Here comes Emmet Tyrell to ask the question–are we nuts to be promoting Maryjuanna as the way to go?

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