Another Fake Nobel Bites the Dust — UDelaware’s John Byrne

Yes. JunkScience has taken away another fake Nobel Prize. Continue reading

Theodore Dalrymple on research integrity and particularly the problem of drug trials

Dalrymple is a favorite of mine and discusses the problem of research probity and reliabiity in circumstanes where subjects are paid volunteers. Continue reading

EPA WOTUS overreach now enjoined in all 50 states by the 6th circuit

The EPA said it wasn’t going to slow down on the states that didn’t sue to stop the expansion of the Clean Water Act definition of Waters of the United States (WOTUS), but woops, the 6th Circuit enjoins the EPA and stays the WOTUS expansion for all 50 states.

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Milloy puts up the report on EPA spending and their long list of dependents

Tom Coburn has been exposing federal gov spending excesses for years.

This report on the EPA provides stunning information on the gravy train was tweeted by Milloy today, but deserves addition mention and a wider audience.

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Editor’s note–from john1282

I am a paleo computer person, and only used hyperlinks when forced to by editors.

However, Mike Shaw, a colleague has pointed out that hyperlinks eliminate some problems we have with the software that is word press.

Mike splained to me that sometimes my long links don’t come out on the screen, and other things.

Announcement: I am going to hyperlinks–click on the highlighted word to get the link.

Sometimes I may screw it up, but our readers always seem to get the message to me–like dis:

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Thomas Sowell writes a three part series on Political Charlatans and the public ignorance they thrive on

Thomas Sowell is a living legend of economic and political, social science wisdom.

Here he discusses our predicament:

In a series of 3 essays.




I have on my shelves or have given to the local University Library most of the many Thomas Sowell boooks on economics, race, demographics, migrations, philosophy, ethics. What a man and an icon. Too bad the good ones get old. Sowell is now past 80, but still writing prolifically.

One time I picked up the phone and called Hoover–and he answered his own phone with that classic black deep voice you hear so often–must be genetic. Very nice man and all I could say was thanks for his efforts and I was a big fan.

Kind of like my standard line at work–thank you for your service–for all those soldiers I meet and care for.

Affordable diesel autos in America–dream on

The EPA will work the NOX and Small particles thing until my horses get a new job.

Of course the real goal is the most inefficient form of auto–the electric auto. Continue reading