Earth Month?

Over half way through Earth Month.  If it weren’t for Good Housekeeping, I’d have missed it entirely. Continue reading

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Will EV’s help pollution in China?

MIT says it won’t do much for the environment. Continue reading

You could be at risk if you. . .

So this is a very nice essay by Ms. Norman at National Center for Policy Analysis.

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more issues with antibacterial triclosan

The marketing to germophobes has led to an industry of “antibacterial soaps”, despite not a single bit of evidence that (in the cast majority of cases) they do any good whatsoever. And there’s plenty of reason to be wary of them. With a new problem just identified (at least in theory)… Continue reading

Are atolls static or dynamic?

Two views on sea level rise and coral atolls.  Continue reading

Doper alert, Denver is in a Crime Wave

I always enjoy hearing why everyone should be allowed to keep toking on the weed.

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UT shame on you.

I have to admit that I always thought that the U of Texas really should not be allowed to be in Texas and enjoy the support of a bunch of hard-working Texas success stories

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