Top 100 green power

The EPA has published a list of the top 100 green power users.  29 of the users are government entities.  The list might be more believable if it were made up of users that didn’t have the unlimited public purse.

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Bjorn Lomborg’s reach exceeds his grasp

Bjorn Lomborg doesn’t know toxicology or medicine, he’s a statistician. He has a Ph D in Political Science.

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We knew that Medieval Warm was really good

So here’s some evidence we were right.

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Bob Phalen–Big Boy comments on Fine Particles

Robert Phalen has spent a life studying air pollution.

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Who’s insured, who isn’t

I have never trusted the Feds on health insurance.

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Some good news and some bad on Diabetes

Well the bad news first–Diabetes is up with obesity, the good news is we are treating it more effectively.

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Gina McCarthy blah, blah, blah

Climate change is very important, says Ms. Pea Brain McCarthy, Exec of the US EPA, on The Daily Show, comedy for the equally pea brained, but they do think they are cool.

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