The prince has given us a climate reprieve

Prince Charles has extended the climate doomsday tipping point by 33 years. Continue reading

Obama — the Nation’s Great Destroyer

According to Murray Energy CEO, Robert Murray, Obama is on a “bizarre, personal and political” quest to destroy the coal industry, as well as the entire country. Continue reading

Why pendulums swing in harmony – new theory

Bob Greene:

Maybe I need some more pendulum clocks.

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Perfect harmony? [image credit: homedit] Perfect harmony? [image credit: homedit]

From the believe-it-or-not file, reports a possible solution to an old puzzle:

Almost 350 years ago, Dutch inventor and scientist Christiaan Huygens observed that two pendulum clocks hanging from a wall would synchronise their swing over time.

What causes the phenomenon has led to much scientific head-scratching over the centuries, but no consensus to date.

‘But now’ – as Tomorrow’s World presenters used to say…

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I didn’t know sea level rise was a matter of faith.

The USGS seems to think that sea level rise is something people should believe in. Continue reading

A new round of climate tipping points?

Climate negotiations are getting closer, so it is time to get another rash of tipping points if we don’t act right now to save the planet.  How about a sea level rise tipping point? Continue reading

Despite climate alarmism, polar ice refuses to go away

The week in icebreakers, sea ice and James Hansen.

Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center IS Junk Science

Here’s a great example of the adage “Scratch a liberal, reveal a Nazi.”

Physician expelled from staff for telling the truth about homosexual behavior and criticizing hospital’s involvement in “Gay Pride” events. Continue reading