A little fresh can whoop ass for Jim Gray, computer guru, and bureaucrat John D. Graham

I read a book by Paul Driessen last week called Cracking Green that focuses on the nature of science and agenda driven propaganda well known to readers of JS from our frequent posts that applaud Paul Driessen’s writing.

I was troubled by Chapter 14 on Science in Cracking Green and provide my critique of the writers and thinkers that dominate the content of that chapter here below.

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Fracking bans by cities don’t stand

I learned a few things in law school–one is that at the state level the only sovereign is the state.

All political entities in a state exist at the pleasure and with the approval of the state–water boards, cities, utility districts, counties, conservation districts, school districts. That’s why the state can stop city bans. Now if we could get states to stop the sanctuary city movement.

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The EPA appears to have broken the law when it preemptively vetoed the Pebble Mine Project. Wall Street Journal’s latest article, “EPA’s Pebble Blame Game,” reveals more of the scandal: Continue reading

Pope’s Media Organizing for Climate Change

Catholic parishioners across the country will soon be getting hit hard with a well-organized marketing campaign of the Pope’s environmental agenda. Continue reading

Legislative Alert: 21st Century Quackery Act

“Titles of legislation often deceive,” wrote Twila Brase, President of the Citizens Council for Health Freedom. The US House Energy and Commerce Committee just sent the 21st Century Cures Act to the House for vote. This is a scary piece of legislation. Continue reading

Bill de Nye: Denying science is “unpatriotic”

Bill continues to embarrass himself and gain followers in the low-to-no information crowd.  Now he misrepresents the Constitution (U.S.) in an apparent effort to shame persons who don’t swallow the hook of anthropogenic global climate warming change  (with line and sinker).

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Your new favorite Black conservative


Alfonzo Rachel kicks butt, takes names, and does vids!