Sometimes unethical human experiments produce convictions

This is put out as a scandal because of the Podesta connection, but look at what it’s about–experimental material for vertebroplasties–bone injections to reverse collapse.

Milloy and I are pursuing action against EPA for human experiments–curiosity experiments to see if exposing people to small particles

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Brian Bledsoe is a Joe Bastardi kind of weatherman, the real deal

I like this guy–and I agree with him–since I live in Central Texas and rain is so critical to our economy and life.

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Another discussion of money and climate research warming advocacy

It is easy to count on whores to advocate for turning tricks for the government agencies that provide succor.

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Mental Illness and corrections

This article is has some sensible parts and some exaggerations. Most of the mental illness that ends up in jails is not serious axis one disease. The seriously mentally ill are not in jail. They are on the streets of cities, however.

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This is the kind of junk that gives science a bad name

So here comes a medical study with plenty of power–40,000 subjects so it has statistical significance. HOWEVER!!!!

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Zombie on Progressive racialism Part II

More on the Zombie essay about progressive racism (I call racialism).

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Pasturella pestus is not dead.

Plague is an infection carried by rodents and it has the potential to re-emerge.

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