Ludwig von Mises was a giant of a man

I have his books, and admire his insight and wisdom–he was indeed a man not appreciated, mostly because it is easier for academicians and “experts” to compromise or slip a little and von Mises was hard edged and unyielding, which means he had no give for socialists or statists.

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WAPO complains about bills to require scientific integrity

The WAPO wants a tyranny of bureaucrats. They hate the idea of scientific accountability and science integrity–it interferes with the lefty green agenda.

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Republican’s gas tax stupidity

When gas prices go down, revenue from the gas tax, which is a per gallon tax, not a sales tax, actually goes up.

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Everybody knows somone with MS–a terrible thing

MS is never nice. I have had numerous friends die of MS. I know a number of people who have it.

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AMA promotes junk science–chemicals cause early menopause

The methodology used in surveys is multiple inquiry (most researchers would call it fishing) working the size of the cohort to your advantage–if the cohort is large you always can claim a result that is statistically significant if you don’t do the Bonferroni adjustment.

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So you’ve been exposed to BPA — does that matter?

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Koch Brothers announce their intentions for the 2016 election

This is an interesting development, the secretive Koch machine (little joke there), announces intentions to spend a billion, with a B. Well actually the price tag is like in the auto dealers, almost a billion.

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