Fearless Ann takes on that pomposity O’Reilly on the issue of 14th amendment anchor babies

The only thing that really disappointed me about this essay is that John Yoo has gone to the dard side with the emperor and Darth Vador and is now a shill.

He claimed that anchor baby protections even went back to the founding–he is so FOS.


Kuznet’s curve–why we would probably have done well without the EPA

I have two reasons for asserting that the EPA was another bad Nixon initiative–what a statist he was a true RINO.

one is that environmental quality was improving before and without the EPA and would have continued with local and in place authorities and just plain nuisance and pubic health authority based on real health threats.

two–the EPA becamse the institution that had to create a boogie man and so it created air pollution research that falsely claimed human harm from ambient levels–distoriting toxicology and epidmeiology beyond recognition and certainly in violation of basic science.

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You thought that American campaign contributions from foreigners were verboten?

Naw, not in the new international system of political corruption. It was probably going on all the while, but in the last 20 plus years has become epidemic.

Here’s a recounting of the past 20 plus years of Iranian lobbying and contributions to dems.

It’ll make you think about the concept of betrayal or the label–TRAITOR TO YOUR COUNTRY. You might recall the Death to America chants started with the Ayatollah and Carter. Iran was properly identified as part of the axis of evil by W. I gues being against America is to be for the democrat party.

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A New York City surgeon tells the real toll of bamstercare

This is a sad but real assessment of the problem of centralized gov controlled medical care from the big city.

Here at Junk Science and before I was writing here, I have explained the Reagan was right when he said the socialized medicine was the end of America as a great social/political experiment in liberty and free markets.

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Don’t know nuthin bout birthing El Nino–listen up

Here is an attempt by the Economist, a pretty serious mag, to explain the birth of the El Nino event that makes for changes in weather, for example is generally cuases increased warming generally, increased rain, in the American Southwest–I like El Nino.

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Why we need to consider lesbians different from homosexuals

So a big serious study of the lesbian lifestyle shows that lesbians “choose” their sexual orientation often because of a paucity of heterosexual opportunities or unsatisfactory experience with heterosexual relationships.

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Chinee bubble eats US bubble–economics and investing 101

This essay sums it up–price earnings ratios create bubbles, fiat currency debauchery and loose credit create bubbles of mass hysterical investment.

This has happened before. Where are the economists and the banking experts–where Robert McTeer, for example.
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