Zero carbon future, British style

Christopher Booker looks at the Government’s dreams and reality.  Continue reading

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Let’s talk prescription speed

I know, that sounds a little inflammatory, but assume, for a moment, that a speed drug (equivalent to the most addictive and dangerous drugs used illicitly in the US of A), was being proposed to be prescribed for your hyperactive or “active” or irritating boy child, age 4, 6, 8 or 10.

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James Taylor does a dissection of Crazy Cuomo’s Fracking ban

Thanks James, you are a friend and an erudite commentator.

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Your hockey team will be green

The NHL is going for zero carbon emissions, not by closing down, but by buying REC’s.  Continue reading

Another tipping point

NOAA has come up with a sea level rise tipping points.  A matter of definition based on nuisance flooding.  Or, if you live in a low-lying coastal area you might see a nuisance flood. Continue reading

We can change GIGO?

High resolution models supposedly will usher in the golden age of climate science.  So “high resolution” fixes prediction problems and good data?  Continue reading

Model fail

Knappenberger and Michaels quantify the mismatch between models and observations. Continue reading