Statement by Willie Soon

(March 2, 2015) — Dr. Willie Soon of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics released the following statement through The Heartland Institute in response to repeated attacks on his character and scientific integrity. Continue reading

Federal judge trashes EPA compliance, attitude on Freedom of Information Act

More on the ‘most transparent administration.” Continue reading

Google will be the final arbiter of TRUTH? Really?

This is like the real argument to authority. Argument to authority is a fallacious science argument–evidence and experimental reproducibility are the measure of truth or reliable scientific assertions or hypotheses. Feynman told me so and I think he is a pretty strong voice for good science.

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Interview with the Nobelist Weinberg on history of science

This is a very smart guy–and thoughtful. Nobel Laureate in Physics. I enjoyed reading his take on scientific methods and the history of science.

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There is a natural law basis for civility and morality

This is a wierd little article, but some good things to consider.

I teach and read about ethics and morality–good idea if you are a physician/attorney, right?

Vitamins to fight the Nazis

Imagine that, a war machine on vitamins.

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Stop using McCarthyism as an epithet–he was right

Jack Cashill is a marvel, recently my go to guy for analysis of the craziness of the race situation, but also a prescient and insightful writer on the political scene. The reigning expert on the lies of the bamster.

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